PostHeaderIcon Utilizing Staircase area

Most multi-storied homes have an area under the staircase that is often left unutilized. There are a great number of ways to effectively use this space to your benefit. The space under the staircases is absolutely ideal for storage purposes. You can place old wooden cabinets or install new shelves in this particular area. It can store your shoes, old books or pantry items. You can also transform the space into a reading room or office area. Simply, put in a countertop and some bookshelves or file cabinets along with a chair and basic lamp.

If you have pets at home, the under staircase area can make for a perfect pet home. Design a customized space keeping in mind the needs and requirements of your loved pet. This space can also be utilized to spark up the home décor. Hang your family photos or paintings and draw emphasis with the help of fancy lights

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