PostHeaderIcon Wall decorations for attic bedrooms

An attic room is little different from other rooms with its sloped roof, dormers, odd places. Also, the room does not get much sunlight because of its odd and unusual pattern. Thus you have to be very careful while decorating the walls of an attic bedroom.

As the room is already dark, putting too much of dark shades, would make the room gloomy. You can use the light warm shades like beige, pink or yellow for painting the walls. It will make the room look more spacious and inviting. You can hang some small artworks, mirrors or photographs if not anything. Mini candle stands would give it a rustic look. But be careful, too much of wall décor would make the room crowded.

Otherwise, you can stick colorful wallpapers with vertical stripes. It will make the ceiling and walls look taller. Do not use any wall décor if you have wallpapers.

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