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Wall MaintenanceHome maintenance is one of the essential things to keep your home beautiful and intact for years. We all maintain doors, windows, flooring, roofing and other such things but we often miss out that wall is also a very inseparable part of home which needs to be maintained. Even though your whole house is good and beautiful but if your wall is dirty then it would deteriorate the beauty of your whole house. Then wall maintenance is an important subject which should not be neglected. Wall are made from different materials such as wood, metal, brick, glass, cement, concrete, steel, aluminum and such other materials. The wall maintenance depends upon the type of materials. It’s not necessary that every material needs same kind of wall maintenance. Here are some of the wall maintenance tips that will help your wall to look new and more beautiful.

  • Repainting your wall

It is one of the most simple and easiest ways for your wall maintenance. It gives your wall a totally fresh look. If your walls are looking worn out and they are quite old then you are always availed with the option of changing the look of your wall. Repainting your wall is very efficient and effective source of wall maintenance. You can paint your wall with the same color which was already painted on your wall or you can try out some new color and have a total of look of your wall. Most of the interior decorating ideas for wall maintenance is based upon the option of changing the look of your wall by pasting wall paper, blending different colors, using wall textures, creating various designs and wall painting.

  • Whitewashing your walls

This is such an option for wall maintenance which can make your whole room to look fresh and lighted. White washing is not like painting your walls; it’s like applying plaster of Paris and covering your walls by it. This technique of wall maintenance is quite economical and it offers your wall a quite innovative and unique look. The things used for whitewashing your walls are made up from lime and water. There is a specific method which is needed to be followed for creating this mixture and applying it on your wall. You can make use of a large paint brush to apply thick coat of white wash to your wall. Having your wall white washed over regular period of intervals is a good thing for your wall maintenance.

  • Cleaning your walls

There are certain things which should be followed for wall maintenance and wall cleaning is one of them. Wall cleaning depends upon the type of paint you have applied to your wall. While cleaning your wall, you must be careful that you don’t rub too hard, doing so can deteriorate the texture of the wall and create the patch or stain on your wall. Thus clean your wall softly and gently with clean water and a sponge or paper towel. You can also mix up some dishwashing liquid to clear off all the stains properly.



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