PostHeaderIcon Wall papers and colors for the classrooms/ study rooms

Study room demands peace and quiet and therefore while you convert the extra bedroom in your house into a study room there are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind. You should have plenty of book shelves in the room with comfortable furniture and tranquil paint colors.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate color for a study room or a classroom you need to understand that it’s a bit tricky. You need colors that are calm and at the same time stimulating. Blue and green are the most popular choices for classroom colors. For senior students you can opt for blue or green with charcoal accent. However you kids’ classrooms and study rooms you can opt for some primary bright colors like yellow or red.

If you want to use wallpapers to decorate the study room, stick to minimal pattern. Opt for a wall paper that is in keeping with the designated color scheme of the room.

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