PostHeaderIcon Ways to clean an expensive carpet

Do you possess expensive oriental carpets and rugs in your house? Well, these are valuable assets and should be maintained properly so they last for years. Here are some tips to clean your expensive carpet.

Regular vacuum cleaning is a must. If you have accessories over them, lift them up for effective cleaning. When you see spots on your carpet, rub it off as soon as possible. Do not be harsh, as it may ruin the surface. Do not delay if you see stains on them. Place a thick cloth on the mark with something heavy on it. The cloth will slowly absorb the stain. For the syrup and cola spillages, clean them immediately with plain water or water with vinegar added to it.

For the molds use lemon juice and salt or some non-chlorine bleach on the carpet. You can lay them out on your roof or balcony when it is sunny. Otherwise you can brush gently with a mixture of water (100 ml) and hydrogen peroxide (1 spoon).

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