PostHeaderIcon Ways to keep mold and mildew away from your bathroom

Bathrooms are the one place which you would want to be sparkling clean at all times as it a place where you come to get clean and fresh yourself. So a stingy bathroom with growing molds would seriously spoil your mood. They make a bathroom dirty and leave behind stains. So here are some tips to keep your bathroom free of molds and mildew.

Make sure your bathroom is well circulated. A closed room will be a growing habitat for molds. Invest in a bathroom fan and keep your bathroom clean and dry at all times. Make sure to mop off any leftover water on floors and walls. If your basin or toilet leaks, fix it immediately. Clean and unclog your drain at least twice a week. You can use bleach as a cleaning agent-they do not let any microbe thrive. When you paint your bathroom you can always ask for mildew resistant paint designed especially for moist areas. Use these trips and your bathroom will be clean and welcoming all the time.

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