PostHeaderIcon Where to place living room accessories

The placement of living room accessories such as rugs, artwork, hanging scones and mirrors can throw up quite a challenge to first time decorators. Though we are all aware of certain ground rules such as hanging an art work behind the sofa and placing a TV in front of it, there is more to living room accessories than just this. One common mistake that people commit while placing artwork or mirrors in their living room is placing it too low or too high. It should ideally be at the eye level.

The same rule applies for hanging scones that look best when placed in a pair on the either side of an ornate mirror. As for the length of the living room curtains, make sure that they only graze the floor and not settle clumsily on it. Moreover, the window rod should be places at least 2 inches above the frame of the window and extend 6 inches beyond each side.

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