PostHeaderIcon Window Configuration in Earthquake prone houses

Earthquakes are one of many disastrous calamities. They destroy the entire establishment of the area. There are many areas which are Earthquake prone. These areas in order to suffer the minimum damage from the earthquake attack prefer Prefabricated Buildings instead of traditional buildings. The buildings in earthquake prone areas are meant to be as light as possible so as to avoid damage.

In Earthquake prone areas the doors and windows should be centrally located and should be as small as possible. Doors and windows should be at the same level and windows should be small as it helps to reduce the lateral resistance. Centrally and same leveled windows are the best configuration for houses in earthquake prone areas as they provide maximum protection. The windows should be at the same level to provide a continuous band. During an Earthquake attack you must always try to stay away from your windows as the glasses in it may implode and hurt you.

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