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PostHeaderIcon Contemporary Coffee Tables

Contemporary coffee tables are the ones which represent the tables section on the modern world. In fact contemporary coffee tables can easily compliment any room in one’s house which adds an incredible appeal. These coffee tables can be a part of any interior and can easily become the best area in one’s house. Contemporary coffee tables can come in various materials, sizes and colors, which one can easily pick up so that it suits their unique style and taste.

If one is looking for a coffee table, which is not only modern but even fully glass made or one which is completely made of wood, one can easily find it in the contemporary furniture shops. Functional coffee table sets and tables nowadays come in every style and finishing and one should use the best possible space in the living room which would add to one’s beauty. So such tables should preferable be a part of one’s house.

PostHeaderIcon Real Fireplace in the Living Room

Artificiality can lure one, but having a real fireplace in the living room is what makes a perfect house even better. It is known that having a fireplace always is an addition to the elements which give a charm that one would have in the olden days in one’s house as it does not only provide warmth in the cold weather.

If there is a special built which is for a fireplace, it is perfect but if there is no place for fireplace, then one can surely try remodeling a section of their living room. One can even get ideas as to how to design their fireplace in the living room.

Surely one can even think of decorating their fireplace which can add to the beauty of the fireplace. Real fireplace should be opted for because it is the traditional way of having a fireplace which should not be altered.

PostHeaderIcon Pendant Lamps & Pops of Color

Pendent lamps and pops of color is a combination which is not known to everyone. Actually pops of colors used with pendent lamps can make a stylish and at the same time an elegant statement. Actually pendent lights are one of the most economical and easy ways to transform one’s room. One can have it in their dining room or hallways. Anywhere it would create its magic. Pendent lamps are often regarded as to be a substitute for traditional chandeliers.

Pendent lamps should be chosen keeping in mind the lighting required, one’s decor style and the size of one’s space. This is even a reason because of which the pendent lamps are gaining popularity. These lamps when looked at with an option for their versatility and aesthetic quality, pops of colors are quite a must.
Concluding, one can say that pendent lamps can be treated as a perfect addition to one’s room but the addition of pops of colors can only make it look better.

PostHeaderIcon Modern Bookshelves Inspired by the Nature

Say good bye to those old and boring bookshelves as now you have access to all new bookshelves inspired by nature. These come in interesting designs and lend an altogether different feel to your books. These days, tree shaped book shelves are becoming increasing popular. They have a very simple design and save on a lot of space. Besides these, there are several other contemporary designs of nature inspired bookshelves available in the market today. You can also get one custom made to suit your needs and style preferences.

Some other types of bookshelves are rolling bookshelves, magnetic shelves, triangular shelves, movement shelves, DNA shaped bookshelves, Christmas tree bookshelves, etc. You can also make a tiny cave within your bookshelf where you can sit and pick up a book and read. And if you have a creative bent of mind, you can design one for yourself, one that is truly yours.

PostHeaderIcon Cool Kids Bathroom Design

Kids love to be in water. If they like it, their bathroom can be their favourite place at home. Use a lot of blue and white while planning your kid’s bathroom. You need not have a very large bathroom. If you choose to have a bath tub it should be of a safe size. Make sure it is not too big for your child and not too small either. Have mirrors in fancy shapes.

Avoid monotony and do not use materials which are too plain. Have colourful tiles. Choose appropriate flooring and ensure that it is not slippery at all as kids are very prone to get injured in the bathroom. Have a shelf in an interesting design which is enough for all the toiletries and such things. The taps and the showers should be easy to use and should be easily accessible. Position sockets and switches at a safe height.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate a Baby’s Room on a Budget

Babies’ rooms can easily be decorated on low budgets and can be fun too. The basic idea is to make the room look very lively and playful. You can choose a theme for the room from one of your kid’s favourite cartoons or can simply make it look colourful. You can use stickers and other inexpensive materials to achieve a playful look almost instantly.

The child’s bed should not be too big but not too small either that your kid grows out of it the very next year. Add some nice paintings to the walls. Avoid using delicate and breakable objects. Wood and plastic are the preferred materials as they are very durable. Finally, you can finish by arranging your kids toys, dolls and teddies in proper places. Try to have a shelf in your child’s room so that it does not get cluttered all the time and is easy to clean.

PostHeaderIcon Having a Stylish Home, Even When You Have Small Children

Having a stylish home with little kids around can be difficult. But you can keep you home looking spic and span no matter how naughty your kids are. The key lies in keeping trouble areas out of their reach. If you have a lot of glass objects, try to keep them in closed shelves or at heights which are out of their reach.

The home gets cluttered very fast if your kids are at play. So make sure you have a lot of drawers so that everything can be put in its assigned place. Teach your kids to return the things from where they take them. You can spice up the look of your home by using wooden or plastic items than using pottery, glass and other such delicate materials. Try not to use too much fabric as it will tend to get dirty easily with kids around.

PostHeaderIcon Finding the Right Window Coverings for Your Home

Finding the right window coverings can be a daunting, confusing and difficult task. With so many options available, it can be really tough to pick one. Draperies are used when you have a lot of fabric and you can pleat it and hang it from rods and rings.

You can also use curtains in a variety of styles, fabrics and lengths. You can also layer your curtains for a more stylish look. Besides these conventional methods you can also use swags and cascades, valences, cornices and fabric shades. Blinds are also very popular but are best used in formal places.

You are free to experiment with different styles, fabrics, textures and materials. Make sure that your curtains accentuate the overall look of the room and compliment the furniture and fabric. Avoid using the same kind of window coverings throughout the house and at the same time do not use different coverings for all windows.

PostHeaderIcon 12 Quick Decorating Tips to Add Some Style to Your Home

Adding style to your home depends on the kind of look you feel your house will look best. Here are some extremely useful and quick tips for adding some style to your home:

Flowers: Flowers always jazz up the atmosphere. You can use different types of flowers for different moods and rooms.

• Pots: Pots always look great and come in different styles, shapes and sizes.

• Colourful cushions for the sofa.

• Wall paintings and hangings. They lend a very specific theme to the room.

• Carpets and rugs. They create a sense of comfort.

• Curtains and blinds that go with the mood of the room.

• Glass: You can change the look of your room by using glass objects.

• A mini bar at home is the best possible addition.

• A book shelf is a must.

• Try to have a lot of fabric.

• Polish old furniture and clean everything thoroughly.

• Last but not the least, keep your home clean.

PostHeaderIcon Seasonal Décor Ideas

It is a good idea to keep changing the look of your home and it is best done seasonally. For instance, in summers, you can enliven your whole house by doing some basic changes. You can change the colour of your walls to something brighter. Try to include some indoor plants in the house. As for the outdoors, you could use a table and a few chairs or simply a bench. Use lighter shades of curtains.

If you live in hotter areas, it is advisable to avoid using rugs and carpets during summer. In winters, you can switch to warmer shades likes reds and yellows not just for the walls, but the furnishings too. Try to get some sunlight indoors. Also, have more lights inside the home and a fireplace is always a hotspot during winters. It is preferable to use carpets and rugs and have a lot of fabric for a cosy look.