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PostHeaderIcon Shingle Style and Stick Style

The Shingle Style is an architectural style which is made popular in America. It was due to the rise of the New England Architectural School. This architectural style has English influence blended with the Colonial American architecture. This type of architecture helped to convey a sense among the people of a house as a continuous volume.

The feeling of a building as an envelope of space instead of a great mass was unorthodox then. A lot of emphasis was given on horizontal continuity for exterior wall and even for flow of spaces within the house. The Stick style is also one of the most ancient types of architectural techniques. It also has English influences in its design. Some of the features which are seen in Stick style types of houses are embedded corner tower with conical roof, spindle detailing, wrap around porch, crown detailing on the roof peaks, roof planes with bold paneled brick chimneys, etc.

PostHeaderIcon Canadian Classic Houses

Any new immigrant to Canada will be mesmerized with its beautiful sceneries and nature but to add to the glamour the houses in Canada are very beautiful. These houses have a classic feeling about them as many of them have influences from traditional English architecture. You have many options for buying homes in Canada at affordable prices.

You can buy a lakefront house or a summer house at very affordable prices and at exotic locations. The designs of Canadian homes are very traditional in looks but are very modernized in planning. There has also been the introduction of Eco-friendly homes in Canada, these houses help to reduce the carbon dioxide reduction and the grey energy of the materials used. The classic homes in Canada are very spacious and are available at very cheap prices. The amount of houses varies according to the region. The classic homes in Canada are a mixture of traditional technique and modern planning.

PostHeaderIcon The many faces of canopies

A canopy is an overhead structure which is made from a sheltering material and steel frames. The canopies are generally designed to be placed in open air. The ideal canopy which can last up to long time should be made from galvanized steel frame and polyethylene cover. These types of canopies are generally used in portable garages and carports.

A canopy made from polyethylene cover is meant to left outdoors for several months. There are also many types of canopies which are meant for temporary use. People use these canopies for different reasons like parties, weddings, celebrations, etc. These canopies are generally known as pop-up canopies. You can also carry them out to the beach. It can be assembled and dismantled quite easily. These pop-up canopies provide the same protection as the general canopies do. They are also made from same materials as that of a normal canopy.

PostHeaderIcon Designing tepees

The Native Americans from Great Plains popularized a conical tent traditionally made from animal skins or birch bark, it is known as Tepee. A Tepee is very durable and provides warmth and comfort during winters. Fifteen by 30 feet big Tepees are of good size and durable. Tepees less than this height can be very dangerous as it becomes difficult for them to keep free from smoke.

Ancient Americans used to design their tepees very skillfully and very accurately. Every design of theirs had a specific meaning. They don’t used to paint their Tepees. They were painted only during wars. These paintings were often portrayals of animal design and celestial bodies. Tepees were also decorated by using pendants and medallions which were colored. Tufts of buffalo, horse hair, blear claws, buckskin, etc were also used to decorate the Tepees. Many people also used to paint on their tepees their memories of war and hunting. Some would also paint their dream or quest.

PostHeaderIcon Is it worth to invest in carport?

Investing in a carport is worth every penny of yours when you have just bought a car which you care for more than your life. A carport is very beneficial as you don’t have brush snow off or scrape ice during winters. You can also protect your car from rain, sun and hailstorms. A carport is looked as an alternative for people who can’t afford a garage. A carport is comparatively cheaper than garage.

Carport is a sturdy thing to invest on as it protects your car from many elements. If you invest your money on metal carport you can actually move it. Supposedly you don’t like the position where you have placed it or you want to take your car at an exhibition metal carport helps a lot. Building a carport unlike garage is very easy. You don’t have to go on finding builders to build it.

PostHeaderIcon Deft placement of thematic murals

The latest trend among the youngsters is adding a tattoo to your body part. This fashion is spreading like a wildfire. Not only youngsters but also people of all ages are tattooing their body parts which they can relate to. For example many people draw tattoos displaying the name of their sons, daughters, parents, lovers, etc.

Placing a tattoo on any of the body parts can be very painful. Therefore there comes the need of skillful tattoo makers who can draw the tattoo with minimum pain as quickly as possible. These tattoo makers are really experienced and skilled as they have to draw a tattoo on many sensitive parts on human body. One of the most common jobs for them is embedding a tattoo of someone very precious on the heart region and forehand region. Many people also embed various signs like the Christ sign, love sign, etc.

PostHeaderIcon ICF- Insulated Concrete forms

ICF are filled with concrete and are dry stacked without using mortar. They are energy efficient unbreakable concrete walls. These forms are somewhat like Lego blocks. Interior or exterior walls are formed by stacking the ICFs. Unbreakable rebar and steel is then added to the openings and finally concrete is plumbed in to form the fundamental constituent of the walls.

Buildings made from ICF are more quite, energy efficient and comfortable than the traditional buildings. They also have the reputation of providing minimal or no air leeks and thus preventing heat loss. They also contain qualities like thermal resistance and high sound absorption. In ICF constructed buildings there are no insects. ICF buildings are easy to construct. You can also get a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design by designing and building with ICFs. ICFs create a structure which is almost 10 times stronger than wood framed structure.

PostHeaderIcon Get yourself a pergola

Nowadays there is a new trend of constructing a pergola outside your house. The reason is simple as they are the best place to relax and have company. Pergola is a type of open-air living room which consists of a covering supported by a passageway of pillars. On these pillars sometimes climbing plants are trained to grow just to add the green effect. You can use different types of wood to build your Pergola.

As Pergola is a type of furniture and will be placed outside, it is best to assemble it from stress treated woods so that it is prevented from decay and rot. Before building a Pergola in your backyard you must check the code necessities and sanction with the local authorities. You can also build it yourself and can thus prevent spending extra money on hired professionals. Pergola was a common feature in the Italian Renaissance gardens. It is a unique architecture defining outdoor space.

PostHeaderIcon What to look for in recliner chairs?

Recliner chairs since its invention in the 1920’s took the world by storm due to the comfort they provide. It’s the best furniture to relax and lounge on. You don’t have to do hard work at all, just push the lever and your done. The latest addition to Recliner chairs is the new leather swivel recliners. It is of great use as you can move it wherever you want when you are sitting on it.

Many people suffer from aching muscles after hard days work for them the best remedy is the massage recliner chair. It helps to relax all your strained muscles in the neck and upper back area. For elder people who find it extremely difficult to walk and move around the lift recliner chair is their best option. They are a bit expensive but totally worth the price. You can also choose the color and fabric of your recliner chair and make it as fashionable as possible.

PostHeaderIcon SIP – Structurally Insulated Panels

SIP is the invention which is taking house building world by storm. Its demand is increasing day-by-day. The SIP’s are used in the construction of exterior walls, floors and roofs of commercial as well as residential buildings as they conserve energy and are also comparatively cheap from traditional wood and concrete.

A home built from SIP will have tighter building shroud and the walls of the house have superior shielding properties. Also these panels take comparatively less time and labor to be assembled. The SIP’s are made from sandwiching the insulated layer of rigid polymer between the two layers of structural board. The best thing about SIP’s is its improved thermal performance. Due to the materials used to build it they are practically airtight panels. Hence you observe less cooling and less heating in winters and summers respectively. With the world going “Go-Green” SIP’s are the best available options as they minimize depletion of natural resources.