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PostHeaderIcon The right lighting for your dining room

Interior decorating your house can be a painful decision to make. Every room inside has a different kind of requirement and it should match its purpose. When it comes to interior decoration, light has a part to play in it. Specifically for the dining space, often people are confused as to how to go about with the lighting.

Different designers have different views but ideally it should be a room, which is bright enough while members are eating. One should be able to see exactly in bright light as to what they are consuming. Had it not been the case, making the food presentable wouldn’t have mattered much. Alternately, while people are drinking and relaxing while watching television in the dining space, a mild lighting is preferable.

It is always preferred to have two sets of lights one a bit dim and one probably white to bring out the flavor of your food perfectly!

PostHeaderIcon Walk-In Closet Designs for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most personal space in your home, a place where you are alone and yourself. Apart from the bare necessities, the bathroom is the place where you can indulge in a leisurely bath, read a novel, give rein to your acting, dancing or singing ambitions, and just relax.

Adding that touch of oomph, luxury and personality to your bathroom is essential; it is your space after all. Adding a walk-in closet is perhaps one of the most luxuriant, yet affordable and practical choice for your bathroom, be it a standard sized room or a sprawling master bathroom suit. The choices available for walk-in closets in size, design, budget etc are staggering, and you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

Imagine just walking out of your bath or shower, and dressing right then and there in your antique wooden walk-in closet or perhaps a more modern glass and metal haven of all things personal and yours. Sounds good doesn’t it? Feels even better.

PostHeaderIcon The best cupboards for your dressing room

A dressing room closet is a fantastic way of adding a touch of glamour to your home. Adorned with luxury and dripping with class, a dressing room can be the best place in the house for any girl. Now, to keep you dressing room well organised and clutter free, lots of stylish cupboards are available in the market. These besides giving your dressing room an organised appeal will also add the requisite touch of aesthetics and glamour to the décor.

Now, the way you want to adorn your dressing room, completely depends on your personality and likes. If you have a modern home, go for the contemporary cupboards in sleek designs. These are spacious and elegant and will work out perfectly for your modern home. Now if you want to add a touch of tradition then you can pick the vintage styled cupboards which you can even get custom made. Pick the one that you prefer and give your dressing room that much organised and sophisticated appearance.

PostHeaderIcon Things to include in your lawn

If you are thinking of easy ways to maintain your lawn and make it more beautiful then these tips might help you a bit. Invest in a good lawn mower. No one wants weeds to grow in a lawn.

Trim the grass in time and keep them fresh and free of weed. Keeping a lawn green and fresh needs a lot of hard work so commit yourself to it. Provide your grass area with the nutrients it needs. Do not go for harsh chemicals as gradually it will spoil the quality of grass. Now, if you are into growing vegetables you can grow them in a small nursery somewhere in your lawn. Take some gardening classes before you do something like that. Also you need to make sure that the lawn and garden is protected from small kids, pets and pests. So make sure you take all sorts of security measures before taking the plunge.

PostHeaderIcon How to decorate the walls of your kids’ room

Kids, especially pre-teens are very strange about their room decorations. What will you do if your 10 year old decided to live in an all black room? How can you make him understand without hurting him? Here are some temporary ideas using which you can satisfy your kids’ needs without hurting them.

Let your kids hang their own art works on the walls. That will satisfy them more than you can ever do. That will give them a feel of uniqueness when they enter their room. You can get crepe paper from stores and cover them over your wallpapers. You can let your child paint the crepe paper and they will never know that it’s just paper and not the actual wall.

Pre-teens are addicted to posters. They will stick posters all over the wall and decorate their room. But just make sure that they are using tapes and not adhesives while pasting.

PostHeaderIcon Best attic makeover ideas

Usually attics have been used as a area of storage in many cases. But with the development of innovative architectural ideas, there is a lot more you can do with your attic space these days. Let us see about a few of those ideas.

If you have a teen in your house, you will have to give him/her privacy. Since the attics are completely isolated from your house, you can use that space to make a teen lounge. You can place cool wallpapers and bean bags in there. You can make a special place where you teen can play games, take their friends and have a life of their own.

But certain attics can be shorter and you could hit your hit if you try to jump even a little bit. So make sure that you alter those types of attics before you do anything there. You can also make a reading place in your attic by placing a book shelf, reading lights and a desk.

PostHeaderIcon Furniture conserving space inside your house

These days the cost of a home is increasing. Why is that? While the population is increasing the space or available living area is not. That space remains constant, the reason why there is a space crunch everywhere. Quite obviously people these days are living in smaller areas. That is exactly the reason why there is a move towards being smart and increasing the area of space that you are living in. That is why space conserving furniture is the hot favorite among people nowadays.

One of the most popular forms of space saving furniture is those which come with additional cabinets. Let us say you get a bed, there are many beds out there which come with cabinets and drawers, and there is other space smart furniture which is combines two functions in one.

The sofa cum bed is an excellent example of one. These kinds of furniture are not just a super saver of space but also of money. In case you talk about space saving furniture you cannot really miss out mentioning the Futon furniture. Futon furniture is pretty much a popular choice these days as well.

PostHeaderIcon Wallpapers for bathrooms

Most people have bathrooms that are dull and boring to look at. Now why would you really want to stick to something that has been done to death? In fact you can add real good designs and patterns to your bathroom. And the best way to add patterns to your rooms is by decorating your room with wallpaper. There are different types of wallpaper that you could choose from. How do you know which is the best wallpaper for your bathroom?

First of all it is important you get the right kind of wallpaper. While there is some wallpaper which absorb water and get spoilt, there are others which are water resistant. Obviously, when you are choosing the wallpaper for your bathroom get one that is water resistant and will not get spoilt because of over exposure to water. Another important point when choosing the wallpaper is to keep the design aspects in mind. Do not get wallpaper which does not go with the general decor of the room. Nothing that contrasts with the room should be added. Bathroom wallpapers are generally good when toned down. Using colors with shades of blue is a good idea

PostHeaderIcon A swing inside your house

Swings are an all-time favourite for people of all ages. No matter what their personalities are, swings suit them. Swings are a great medicine for mood swings as it always makes you feel better. It can be the sweetest cradle in the nights of insomnia, the most encouraging push in the moments of happiness as well as your best friend in times of loneliness. And with so many vital roles to play, it would be completely unfair to limit it to the world outside your house. Yes, indoor swings are the way to go.

Nowadays, you get ample designs on indoor swings ranging from plane wood plate swings and beach swings to wicker-basket swings and bed/chair styled swings. They can be placed practically anywhere inside the house. A chair or bed styled swing will be great for the living room. The wicker basket one will be apt for the balcony, a closed porch or your bedroom. The kids’ room can house a plane wood plate swing.

You can get them from showrooms as well as online stores at a very reasonable price.

PostHeaderIcon The Best Nameplate for Your New House

You have just built your dream house, your home. The place where you and your family will spend the best times of their lives together, the place that will shelter you from the world and the place that will welcome happiness and prosperity to your family. When someone sees your home, they should see it for everything that it stands, and they should feel the warmth, protection and love that your home has to offer.

Add a nameplate to your home, to not only make it easier for people looking for your home to identify it, but also add a more personalized touch to the most personal space that you own! It could be your name, the name of the eldest member, the name of all the family members or perhaps the name of your home. You could choose metal or wood, plastic or stone, and in any design that you fancy. They are custom made and hence you can go all out and create something unique and stylish.