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PostHeaderIcon Selecting Decoration and Paintings for fireplace

The chilly winters has set in and its time to set up your fireplace for warm evenings. Fireplaces are a great haven during winters. Some people may have backyard fireplaces while others have it indoors. Wherever it may be, it can be set up and decorated well to enjoy those chilly evenings. If you have enough space around your fireplace you can try out a variety of decorations and painting to make it appealing.

Painting around a fireplace should generally be dark colors like orange or red. These give it a cozy feel. It’s best to have red brick wood around the fireplace to help the fire ignite well. As for decorations, keep low base wooden chairs to sit and relax. Side tables are good to hold cups of teas and coffee. Never put decorative items that are prone to catching fire. Use inflammable decorative items preferably wood, timber or teak.

PostHeaderIcon Wooden dining tables vs. glass tables

Whether it is for a regular family meal or a gathering the dining table is the centerpiece. The dining table reflects a lot about you as does the rest of the interior home décor. These tables are for daily use other than the occasional gathering hence choosing the right one makes a lot of difference.

If you want a sleek contemporary and modern look to your dining area then the glass dining table is the ideal option. They come in many options and varieties which can be matched with the chair sets. But it has some drawbacks too keeping it sparking clean and neat becomes a heavy task as glass is very susceptible to finger prints and other dirt.

They are also heavier than the wooden dining tables and cannot be expanded like the wooden dining tables when there are more guests. The sturdiness and durability of the wooden dining table also makes it the obvious choice.

PostHeaderIcon How to add elegance to your bathroom

A lot of people think that a bathroom is primarily and purely functional. Though this is not completely wrong, making your bathroom a place of luxury and pleasure is a pretty appealing idea. If you want to know how to make your bathroom look elegant just read along.

Adding plants in your bathroom is a great idea. And the humid atmosphere and frequent lighting make sure that plants thrive well in the bathroom. Make your bathroom smell wonderful by placing a gardenia in your bathroom counter. Add a small pot of primrose on the tile window ledge of your bathroom. If you want to use a simple and subtle way to up the elegance quotient of you bathroom use fragrances from bath oils and scented candles.

Never display your personal supplies in the bathroom. Always store it in closed cabinets. Keep pastel colored terrycloth towels in the bathroom. Add a basket with dried petals and perfumed oils to the bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Change in light scheme for winter to make your house look cosier

Are you freezing in the winters? We have a solution. Just change the light scheme and your house will look cosier, this is the magic that the right colours can bring about.

You need to choose colours in accordance with the orientation of your room. Like for example, if your room is north facing, this will have cold light, therefore you need to choose colours which will allow you to make the most of this light, like whites, pale yellow, this will help your room look warmer and cosier. South facing rooms have plenty of warmer light and therefore use colours that are naturally cooler.

So you see how the right colour selection, in accordance to your orientation of the rooms can totally transform the feel of your house, you just need to select it rightly.

PostHeaderIcon Selecting wallpapers for your kids’ room

 If you want to install wallpapers in your little daughter’s room, it is vital that you take into account her likes and dislikes. If your little princess is into Barbie, then you can make her happy by using Barbie wallpapers for her room. Cute Barbie wallpapers will sweep your little one off her feet.

To buy Barbie wallpapers for your daughter’s room you can check the websites that offer wall decorations. Barbie wallpapers usually consist of decals, wall borders and appliqués. These decorations can usually be removed easily or repositioned. Decide which type of wallpaper you want.

 Check the design and color of the Barbie wallpapers. Though the dominant color of Barbie wallpapers is pink, you can opt for different hues and innovative designs. Keep in mind the dominant color of your daughter’s room when you select the wallpaper for her room. So, get Barbie wallpapers for you daughter and make her happy.

PostHeaderIcon Rugs and carpets: sources of serenity and comfort

Carpet is a textile which covers your floors. They are a thick material generally woven. They are found in a variety of designs. Carpets define elegance in your house.

You should never be a miser while buying a carpet because purchase of a carpet is very different from purchase of clothes. Carpets are a one- time buy. They are generally durable and stain resistant. They last long and give your house a serene touch.

Rugs and carpets are found in numerous patterns and styles. They are a mixture of contemporary and traditional designs. They are found in various cuts and shapes. You can buy them according to your interiors. They are a very important part of your décor. Rugs are available by themes also: floral, animal print, tea and coffee, kids, striped, etc. you can find them in all sorts of materials – woolen, leather, bamboo, nylon, and many more.

PostHeaderIcon Selecting Flower patterns for your garden

The style of your garden depends heavily on accessories to obtain a scenic look. You should always set your imagination free when decorating your garden as it is a source of inspiration for you and your family Simple flower pot crafts can add elegance and color to your garden.

They infuse a feeling of optimism in the garden space which transforms into your house as well. Unique flower pot crafts can help you bring the creativeness to the garden. The process includes painting, decoupaging, stamping and embellishing the flower pot crafts.

When painting the flower pots always seal the flower pots with oil based polyurethane in order to protect the water from penetrating into the painted design. Use deco art paints which are weather resistant and saves your pot from cracking due to extreme weathers too. Use various colors to paint the pot; it helps to bring in variety and liveliness. Bright colors should always be the top preference.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating your Balcony with plants

Always dreamt of turning your balcony into a cozy and beautiful haven? Well, this article is surely going to provide you with the very information that will help you to spice up your balcony.

Unlike contrary belief, decorating balconies with plants isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, if you go the right way, it would be very economical. All you need are some plants, and some proper lighting to compliment the ambience. You can cover the entire stretch of the balcony by plants, which can hang from the parapets, or round little pots, lending an illusion of space. In case you overlook a car garage, or a garage dump, you can use taller plants instead.

Choose a variety of plants, and not just a single type. Also choose plants keeping in mind the amount of sunlight your balcony receives. Don’t neglect the plants, and provide them with constant care. Only then can your balcony be much more inviting, and become a vision of lush, soothing greenery.

PostHeaderIcon Wall papers for your garage

Decorating your garage with wall papers is an excellent idea but some people are not very keen on spending a lot on garage wallpapers. If you want to install wall papers in your garage, you can find some cheap wall papers for the purpose. Now the big question is how will you find cheap wall papers?

You can visit you local paint stores. You will find discontinued and cheap wallpapers there. As the store wants to get rid of old wallpapers they are sold at throwaway prices. You can get those for your garage. While purchasing cheap wall papers for your garage, you must visit your neighbourhood discount store. Discount stores boast of decent selections at low prices.

There are online auctions and sites that sell wallpapers at cheap prices too. Shopping for garage wallpapers can save you a lot of money. Go to garage sales to get your garage wallpapers. Garage sales give you the best option to bargain.

PostHeaderIcon Lighting for your garden

Since it is winter, it is dark for the maximum time. The nights are long and the days are short. Not many people are the kinds who love darkness as it can be very depressing and stressful. One idea to brighten up this season is to light up your garden.

You can do this in a variety of ways. Gone are the days when you used normal light posts in your garden. You should try being a little innovative. You can use various colored spot lights at different positions and highlight various parts in your garden. Make sure you never to use too many different colored lights. It will make your garden look like a Christmas tree.

You can light up the trees in your garden. It makes your garden look beautiful. You can use lanterns and candles. This way you can move them around and experiment much more with your garden. Always go for the gentle glow. It gives a soft touch to your house.