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PostHeaderIcon Granite kitchen counter: a fine add on to your kitchen

Designing your kitchen the way you want to needs you to be perfect with the selection of the marbles and tiles on your kitchen walls, counters and cabinets. A kitchen counter with finely polished granite gives a wonderful look to complete the entire set up. It’s basically an add-on provided to your kitchen.

Granite counter tops in a kitchen are very smooth hence they are the best food preparation areas in the kitchen. These slabs of granite are finely polished and look elegant in a kitchen with textured granite counter tops.

Besides, it improves the durability of the counter tops. They’re also easily affordable to the common man. You also get to have the option of choosing from a collection of various colors and textures depending upon your kitchen wall and floor. It’s easy to clean after working on it because of its smoothness. It’s also scratch, heat and stain resistant.

PostHeaderIcon Inexpensive make over tips for your home

Are you bored of seeing the same colour and arrangement of your house day in day out? Then just take a break and do some little things that can give your home a new look.

Find out places where you can use natural light to get a spacious, positive and eco-friendly look. Try to use old curtains, linens or other fabric items to décor. You may put a vase in a corner, frame some old photographs or paintings. For the kids’ room you can hand paint few corners, make a 3D chart and use unwanted stuffs to make toys and use them as wall hangings.

If painting is out of the question then paint single walls in combination to bring a variation or a part with a bold colour. Go out to a garage sale and pick up stuffs that may give your home a unique and classy touch.

PostHeaderIcon Garden water fountains for that extra touch of glamour

Whether you have a big or a small garden area, water fountains can really enhance the look and feel of a garden area. The peacefulness and tranquility which the sound of water flowing down the fountains produces is something out of the world. These fountains add glamour to whichever place of your house you install them. Gardens are the best place to relax and rejuvenate, and the presence of a water fountain helps.

There are wall fountains which are meant for small gardens to save space. They look very appealing on the walls. Fountains have pumps whose speed you can regulate according to your liking. Garden water fountains are available in the market in different shapes and sizes, having beautiful art work and designs on them to make them look more spectacular. The prices range according to the material with which they are made and their size. Water fountains suit the feel of a garden.

PostHeaderIcon All about ceiling texturing

Your home is your heaven and decorating it is a very important part of your life. Curtains, carpets, furniture, accessories, lights all are there to beautify your home. But often people forget the ceiling. Well, the proper texturing of the ceiling can give an amazing look to your home.

There are many designs which you can use for ceiling texturing. You can go for swirl semi circular strokes converging with one another to lend a modern contemporary look to your ceiling. You can go for thick textures also to deepen the effect.

The cloudy texturing is ideal if you wish to have a refreshing and open feel. Clouds of various sizes and shapes will fill up your ceiling and enhance the beauty of your home. You can also go for some designs of Plaster of Paris to give a traditional look. Some patterns of the Victorian or Asian architecture will just be an excellent idea to decorate the ceiling with.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to give your home a French country style décor

If you are decorating your new and want to do it just right, you can opt for French country style decoration. The rustic style and the cozy feel of the French style is simply amazing and you have be rest assured that your will win accolades for your home décor brilliance.

For the French country style, first you need to pick bright palette for the rooms. Colors like green, blue, green and red are extremely popular. Choose from some nice variety of modern and antique furnishing. You can get differently shaped chandeliers, framed mirrors and vintage tables and chairs. Use period fabrics to re-upholster the pieces.

Adding texture to your rooms is important while decorating your home the French style. For texture you can use fabrics like thick brocade, velvet, toile and weathered wood. For that unique French mood you must decorate your home with wrought iron. Using rugs to unify the elements in your house is a good idea.

PostHeaderIcon Rugs, a fabulous way to add a homely touch to your décor

Are you very finicky about your home décor? Do you feel that there is something that is missing from the décor of your home? In case you do, then you can complete the look in your room with a rug. Rugs are generally overlooked by most as something which is not a very important addition to a room. However rugs are a great way to complete the décor of the whole room together.

Rugs stand out from carpets in the sense that these are much easier to manage. Carpets are generally much heavier and not very easy to manage. As far as rugs are concerned, they are much lighter than the carpets and therefore easier to be managed as well. Moreover rugs have an added advantage over carpets. These are more often than not relatively less expensive than the carpets. This makes it easier to add rugs to your rooms. Rugs are a great addition to bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms or living rooms.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep you metal garage doors smooth as new

Your garage door must be very durable and metals are the best choice for them. But it is also essential to maintain the doors to prevent them from looking ugly and distorted.
You can paint the door when it loses its shine and color. You can use a paint scraper to find out the worst affected areas. Now, remove the paint that is about to come off, but don’t use force.

You can use the sand paper to rub the door. This will bring back the feel of the metallic texture. Now sponge your door thoroughly with some warm water and soap to remove bits of sand, dust or paint. The door has to be completely clean and then only you can start the painting work.

Next you have to dry the door. You can use a dry scrap of cloth for this. Now paint using a mixture of oil and latex based paints. This will prevent the door from cracking and rusting and keep make them look attractive and new.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep your whites walls white

Do you love white walls? Well, certainly, white walls are perfect to bring a classy tone to your lovely apartment. But in case, you are planning for a white paint, here are certain tips to keep it in its original purity.

White walls demand a proper selection of paint and regular maintenance and cleaning. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Firstly, white paints are a strict no for your kids’ rooms. Every kid loves to scribble their names or outline their imaginations on the walls. And a white one would be a perfect canvas. Thus, try it in your bedroom or drawing rooms.

Then, make sure to get a washable paint so that even if your walls get certain stains on them, you can easily wipe it off instantly. And finally, regular dusting is equally essential to free it from any sign of cobwebs or loose dust.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to Maintain Your Home While Living With Pets

Pets are really cute, but not when they break your favorite vase, swallow your favorite pair of socks or poop on that traditional carpet of your family. Before you take the stick and hit the poor soul, just remember that a part of that mishap was because of you too. When you do have preventive measures, you should follow them. Besides training your pet to get civilized, you can make certain changes in your house and adopt certain policies and rules. Following are the things you can do to maintain your home while living with pets:

• Keep the pet clean all the time. It is better than constantly cleaning your house.
• After bringing the pet home from a walk, make sure you wash its legs thoroughly with a disinfectant and wipe them clean before letting it enter the house. You wouldn’t want your crystal clean floor to get dirty.
• Keep a separate room or corner allotted for the pet and do not let it loose unless it is potty-trained. Clean the poops as soon as you find them.
• Vacuum your house regularly if the pet is furry.

PostHeaderIcon Add a bit of life to your home with a fish bowl

When it comes to decorating your house, you must keep in mind that even the smallest changes can add a sense of appeal to your room and make it much more beautiful. One of the finest examples is a fish bowl. These are a few tiny decorating touches that can grab the attention of your guests when they visit.

For that what you should know is, having a fish bowl in your room, more than adding an extra effect to your decoration, expresses an elegant side of you, reflecting your stateliness, style and taste.

Moreover, a fish bowl doesn’t need much of space, since you can place it on a high stool anywhere in your room with a couple of fish in it and it eases the effort you need to maintain an entire aquarium because having a fish bowl will let you have only a couple of fish at the most thereby making it easy for you to maintain them with minimal efforts from your side besides adding a classy effect to your room.