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PostHeaderIcon Teenager bedroom design

Teenager bedroom designA bedroom makeover is the best thing to give to your children. Before anything else considering the colours is the most important thing. For a teenage girls bedroom cotton candy pinks or lime greens combined with black furniture looks classy and posh. Today’s girls do not follow the idea of the clichéd pink colours they may like bright orange teamed with purple too. For a teenage boy’s bedroom, minimalism is the best option because that’s how they like it. Royal blue or grass greens are colours they enjoy. Dark and bold colours add energy to the room making it look more like a boyish room and giving it that ambience.

Apart from the colours designing a teenager’s bedroom is an arduous task. The furniture needs to be decided on, the curtains and the wardrobes. If you are not having much space in the room it is best to keep the furniture as little as possible. Also, there is furniture which comes with a storage capacity. Usually beds have the facility of storing inside them. That’s where the pillows and blankets can be kept when not in use. If there are two teenagers sharing the same bedroom it is best to buy a double Decker bed. It is appealing to look at and the teenagers prefer this too.

The aesthetics of the room actually depend on how much clutter free you are able to keep the room. Apart from that make sure there is a study table with table lamps, either ornamental or stylish. Lights too add colour and charm to a teenager’s bedroom. Trendy rugs to cover the floor and matching curtains to go with them can be used effectively to decorate the room further. A teen’s room feels complete with a bulletin board so that they can display their arts proudly here.