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PostHeaderIcon Sheet V/S Tile vinyl Flooring

Sheet vs tile vinyl flooringVinyl flooring has attained a great popularity in the market with its astounding features say durability, practicality and its value. People have a good preference regarding vinyl flooring for residential and commercial both uses. But a question pop up into your mind while installing vinyl flooring whether to install vinyl in sheet or in tile? Here is a solution of your query. Here are some of features of sheet and tile for your easy selection.

Features of sheet vinyl flooring

  • Less expensive

As compared to tiles, sheets are comparatively less expensive. Vinyl sheet flooring is comparatively cost effective. The reason behind its cost effectiveness is that it can be mass produced in large rolls without any worry of cuts and waste material. It will be up to you to measure the size and cut the material to that appropriate size.

  • Impermeable to moisture

One of the biggest benefits of sheets as compared to tiles is that it can be installed in one or two unbroken pieces and you don’t have to worry about seams between individual pieces. Seams are the surface of the floor through which water goes into it it and do silent damage to your floors.

  • Design Options

In case of design, individual tile needs a composite design across your floor. Manufacturers cannot give attention to the big picture here. Where as in case of sheet flooring, printed vinyl can be inscribed with all type of pattern, color, or image of your wish.

Features of tile vinyl flooring

  • Replaceable

If your sheet tile flooring is damaged, you have to either replace the entire floor or you remove the affected area and replace it with a patch. By doing so patch will have seams which will make the floor water permeable and disrupt the unbroken pattern into the vinyl. On the other hand, in case of vinyl tile flooring, when any particular area is damaged you can simply remove that tile and replace it with another one.

  • Patterns and design options

In case of sheet vinyl flooring, manufacturer can be creative. While in case of tile vinyl flooring, an individual can be creative. This is because individual pieces of tile can be mixed and a different colored design can be created which matches the remaining surface of the floor. You also have the option of cutting the tile in different shape and size. If you really want to get creative with your tile flooring you can also make different shape from a particular shape for example a square can be made a triangle or rectangular.

  • Easy installation

Installation of sheet vinyl floor is little bit tough. It requires a skilled worker and a small mistake can result into big waste of material and money. Worker should have to quality to take proper measurement, make proper cuts and fit it properly in room. On a contrary, tile vinyl flooring is easy to install. It does not require much skilled worker and a small mistake does not cost big loss as it is an individual tile.