PostHeaderIcon An overview on headboards for a modern bedroom

Headboards are one of the finest accessories to stylize your bedroom. They are available in a variety of styles and options so that you can easily pick the one according to the theme of your modern bedroom. Below is given a brief idea on different headboards for a contemporary home décor.

You can opt for the wooden headboards which come with the sleek lines. They are usually mounted on your bed frame and provide support for the pillows. Then you have the metal ones manufactured from the metal rods and are quite durable. Your modern home needs a stainless steel or a brushed aluminum board.

Another one is the padded headboard which either feature a light vinyl base or a wooden surface with cushioned interior. Then there are bookshelf headboards which come with good storage space for alarm clock or books. For kid’s bedroom get a plywood headboard
painted in funny or flowery patterns.

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