PostHeaderIcon Applying Laminate to Counter Tops

Laminating counter tops is a series of simple steps that can be done at home. First of all, you need to prepare the surface to be laminated. Thoroughly clean and sand the surface which needs to be laminated. Remove any traces of paint or varnish. Next, cut the laminated plastic as per the desired specifications.

The instrument with which you do the cutting should have a very fine toothed blade so as to avoid chipping and achieve a smooth cut. Keep the plastic sheet slightly over dimensioned to leave room for final trimming.
The next step is applying the laminated plastic. You can use epoxy adhesives and contact cement to apply laminated plastic. The surface to be covered should be made rough with sandpaper so that the lamination sits firmly on it. For the finishing part, eliminate all air pockets, and smoothen the edges and remove surplus material, if any.

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