PostHeaderIcon Assorted Persian rugs to make your floor come alive

A proper home décor makes a room more inviting and comfortable for both its dwellers and visitors. Rugs have an important place amongst all the things that can help in decorating the room. The huge variety in colours, textures, quality and its durability makes it one of its kinds. Rugs can be made up of various materials namely wool, cotton, plant fibres, silk, acrylic and olefin.

Among the numerous varieties of rugs available in the market, Persian rugs stand out. They have been in use since ancient times and the kind of appeal they have on the home décor is unmatched. They have more intrinsic designs and each of them have a different story to tell. The designs and makes reflect artistry of its manufacturers and represent traditions. There are different kinds of Persian rugs available in the market such as Qum, Nain, Tabriz, Baluch, Caucasian, Kashan, Hereke, and many more. Each has a typical specialty and come from a different province. Whenever selecting a rug, look for its colours, and patterns that would increase the home glamour and also consider its maintenance.

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