PostHeaderIcon Basement renovation ideas

Your basement is the underground storey of your home. Modern homes come with limited space. So renovating your basement into a livable space is a good idea.

Make it your kid’s playground. You can also convert it into a game room by placing a billiard or carom table. Den or library is other good renovation ideas. Otherwise create your own wet bar with a counter, wine shelves and bar stools. If you have enough space, make the area your home gym stuffed with gym equipments. Then you can also make the area your second bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. If your basement is big enough, use it as a home theatre to relax with family and friends. Besides, turning the area your study or home office is both useful and intelligent.

Otherwise, the place can be just used for holding parties. After deciding on the theme, start off with the painting, required décor items and necessary stuffs. You also need to consult a contractor and plumber.

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