PostHeaderIcon Building your outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace, fireplaceIf you want to have a contemporary look for your lawn or garden or even backyard you can enhance the value of your home and the looks by making an outdoor fireplace. First of all you would need to dig a pit in an appropriate place. The measurements should be approximately- 4 feet deep and 5 feet wide with a thickness of at least 4 inches.

The key to making your fireplace work is place your masonry fireplace bricks and stones in the proper able using the right dimensions so that smoke flows out of the chimney properly. Once this is done, start with your firebricks. The colors and design can be selected as per one’s choice and budget. Now it’s time for the masonry veneer. You can either use stone, or brick, depending upon how much you want to spend. The natural stone veneers are the most expensive.

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