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PostHeaderIcon How to add elegance to your bathroom

A lot of people think that a bathroom is primarily and purely functional. Though this is not completely wrong, making your bathroom a place of luxury and pleasure is a pretty appealing idea. If you want to know how to make your bathroom look elegant just read along.

Adding plants in your bathroom is a great idea. And the humid atmosphere and frequent lighting make sure that plants thrive well in the bathroom. Make your bathroom smell wonderful by placing a gardenia in your bathroom counter. Add a small pot of primrose on the tile window ledge of your bathroom. If you want to use a simple and subtle way to up the elegance quotient of you bathroom use fragrances from bath oils and scented candles.

Never display your personal supplies in the bathroom. Always store it in closed cabinets. Keep pastel colored terrycloth towels in the bathroom. Add a basket with dried petals and perfumed oils to the bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Do’s and Don’ts when you are designing bathroom for your kids

Designing your kid’s bathroom can be a great way to give your home a facelift. Depending what age your kid is you can incorporate his interests and liking in the décor so that he feels comfortable in the bathroom. Take ideas from magazines like the home and garden magazines that give beautiful ideas for a gratifying bathroom design fir kids. Clip out images from the magazines you think would suit your kid’s bathroom and compare it with the finished product.

Also it is important to set a budget for the designing. Designing a bathroom can cause you a fortune if you do not spend wisely. Decide on what all you have to spend when setting the budget. Do involve your kid in the design process and take his inputs too in terms of color or theme. This will make him feel special and he will not crib later. Paint the wooden cabinets; get accessories to make the bathroom look attractive. Replace the flooring with a rug, when you are hanging objects in the wall keep your kid’s height in mind.

PostHeaderIcon Walk-In Closet Designs for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most personal space in your home, a place where you are alone and yourself. Apart from the bare necessities, the bathroom is the place where you can indulge in a leisurely bath, read a novel, give rein to your acting, dancing or singing ambitions, and just relax.

Adding that touch of oomph, luxury and personality to your bathroom is essential; it is your space after all. Adding a walk-in closet is perhaps one of the most luxuriant, yet affordable and practical choice for your bathroom, be it a standard sized room or a sprawling master bathroom suit. The choices available for walk-in closets in size, design, budget etc are staggering, and you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

Imagine just walking out of your bath or shower, and dressing right then and there in your antique wooden walk-in closet or perhaps a more modern glass and metal haven of all things personal and yours. Sounds good doesn’t it? Feels even better.

PostHeaderIcon Wallpapers for bathrooms

Most people have bathrooms that are dull and boring to look at. Now why would you really want to stick to something that has been done to death? In fact you can add real good designs and patterns to your bathroom. And the best way to add patterns to your rooms is by decorating your room with wallpaper. There are different types of wallpaper that you could choose from. How do you know which is the best wallpaper for your bathroom?

First of all it is important you get the right kind of wallpaper. While there is some wallpaper which absorb water and get spoilt, there are others which are water resistant. Obviously, when you are choosing the wallpaper for your bathroom get one that is water resistant and will not get spoilt because of over exposure to water. Another important point when choosing the wallpaper is to keep the design aspects in mind. Do not get wallpaper which does not go with the general decor of the room. Nothing that contrasts with the room should be added. Bathroom wallpapers are generally good when toned down. Using colors with shades of blue is a good idea

PostHeaderIcon Using flowers for decorating your bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most neglected spaces in a home. If you too feel the same and want to change this for better, try enlivening it with some fresh flowers. You can also use dried flowers to add a little color to your bathroom. In fact, this is one of the best ways to bring a bit of nature into your bathroom and to keep it smelling fresh even after repeated use. You can either place the flowerpot on the bathroom cabinet or the window sill or get a free standing pole and place the flowerpot over it.

Bright colored orchids and hibiscus make the best choice for decorating a bathroom when it comes to fresh flowers. This will give a tropical look to your bathroom that you can reinforce with framed pictures of lush foliage on your bathroom walls. To complete the look, place a bowl of potpourri and some scented candles next to the flowers.

PostHeaderIcon Prefab Shower Stalls

Pre fabricated showers or pre fab shower stalls, as they are more commonly known as provide you delight of having a shower installed in your bathroom in few hours rather than 2-3 day procedure of tiled shower panels. The manufacturing and fabrication of these units is done in factory only and only some assembling is required at client side.

The most common type of prefab shower stall is a multi piece shower that consists of a bathtub, side panels and a front curtain. Soap dishes are moulded into the plastic only so that you don’t have to add on further accessories.

Prefab showers are very useful for those who want to get their bathrooms ready at the earliest. These are easy to install and need little maintenance. These are available in large variety, designs and models. You can choose one that suits best to your interiors and pockets.

PostHeaderIcon Crystal Ball for the Bath

Crystal balls make you feel fresh and let you enjoy that tranquility while having a bath. A crystal ball is a sort of filter which helps in de-chlorinating the water which you use for taking bath. When you take a bath your body absorbs chlorine which enters the blood stream by means of water vapor inhalation. With the help of a crystal ball at least 90 percent of the chlorine content can be removed from the water and this makes the water much healthier for taking a bath.

Exclusion of chlorine from the water saves your skin and hair from becoming extremely dry. Thus there is no more of that itchy feeling. A crystal ball filtration process gifts you with a younger looking skin. This is the most scientific and healthier way of taking a bath. A crystal ball filter comes with locking tabs and thus it can be easily attached to your bath tub for a safe and healthy shower.

PostHeaderIcon Design Ideas for an Over-Sized Bathroom

It can be a challenging task to decorate a huge bathroom. It is hard to decorate the room and still give that cozy feeling. Always ensure that when decorating the bathroom that you keep it simple. This means you do not have to decorate it with a lot of items. For an oversized bedroom big is always better.

Divide the bathroom into different portions. Make sure that you buy big bathroom furniture. In addition get more towel racks to give it a cozy feel. You can also place your dresser in the bathroom. You can go for a full dresser unit or cabinet. Make sure that you take advantage of the rooms shape. You can also go for big trash cans, toothbrush holder, shower curtains and soap dishes. You can also go for personal theme like underwater scenery to give it a wonderful cozy feeling.

PostHeaderIcon Bath Towel Rack

On item that often overlooked is a bathroom towel rack. This is usually due to the fact that it so basic that people do not even notice of its existence. There are some factors that you should come into play when selecting a bathroom towel rack. One thing that you should carefully think about when getting a bathroom towel is how they will be attached to the wall.

You should consider the material that you want your towel rack to be made of. Go for a material that will appeal to your preference. They come in different varieties. Among the varieties include plastic, wood and metal. When you choose wooden towel racks make sure that the racks are resistant to moisture damage. Ensure that you secure the bathroom towels racks in a place that they can be accessed by everyone.

PostHeaderIcon Which Towel Warmer is Right for You?


Towel warmers are some of the important accessories that you should get for your bathroom. One of the types of towel warmers that you can get is the electric towel warmer. This warmer is very easy to install and they are affordable. They come in two different types: those that can be wall mounted and those that are meant for the floor.

The other types of towel warmers are the hydronic type of warmers. These towel warmers use the heat from hot water to add some warmth into your cold towels.

These two types of towel warmers are available in different designs. You can find traditional designs and contemporary designs of the same type of towel warmer. Whatever kind of towel warmer that you get for your needs, make it is of the highest quality possible. This will ensure that you stay with it for a long time to come without having to replace it.