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PostHeaderIcon Give your bedroom a makeover-The inexpensive way

If you are not happy with the same boring getup of your bedroom then it is time to bring about a change in the overall appearance. I will suggest the best inexpensive ways here. First you should dump all the unwanted things present in the room and clear out the space for tidiness. The more the garbage the less space you will be able to keep decorative things.

Now, it is time to select a particular design for putting furniture or some piece of art to decorate the bedroom. Choose a pattern that suits your style and taste so that you are relaxed seeing the decoration when you are in your bedroom. The next best thing is to decorate the walls with wallpapers or hangings or may be even paintings. The windows can be done with some inexpensive shades and the whole room can be thus redecorated to perfection without spending much.

PostHeaderIcon An overview on headboards for a modern bedroom

Headboards are one of the finest accessories to stylize your bedroom. They are available in a variety of styles and options so that you can easily pick the one according to the theme of your modern bedroom. Below is given a brief idea on different headboards for a contemporary home décor.

You can opt for the wooden headboards which come with the sleek lines. They are usually mounted on your bed frame and provide support for the pillows. Then you have the metal ones manufactured from the metal rods and are quite durable. Your modern home needs a stainless steel or a brushed aluminum board.

Another one is the padded headboard which either feature a light vinyl base or a wooden surface with cushioned interior. Then there are bookshelf headboards which come with good storage space for alarm clock or books. For kid’s bedroom get a plywood headboard
painted in funny or flowery patterns.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to give your small bedroom a spacious appeal

Well everyone is not blessed with a large bedroom or a large house, in such cases you have to make the most of whatever you have. Even if your bedroom is not as large as you desire it to be, you can use some techniques to make it look larger apparently. This will help you to make your bedroom look beautiful as well. Use your disadvantages as your advantages- this is the main tip.

Firstly, you should use light colors for your bedroom. This will make the room look bright with light and also larger and even more spacious. Avoiding dark colors is a must. Keep your room clean, as much as possible, do not keep anything that is not required or is unnecessary.

Another important tip is the use of proper lighting and mirrors that will give illusion of a larger room with the right lighting. Use a low level bed instead of a high one. After all this is done, you can surely say, that you too have a large bedroom.

PostHeaderIcon Bedroom designs for aged people

A bedroom is one’s personal hiding place where a person relaxes and gives some time to himself and enjoys a sound sleep. Thus the bedroom design should be in accordance to the ones who are going to sleep in that bedroom.

Even the aged group has likes and dislikes, so they should be consulted about the kind of design they want their room to have. Use the colors which are their favorite; they usually do not prefer bright colors. For them light soothing colors make them feel comfortable and at ease. No need to try unique designs for the bed chairs cupboards and other furniture; keep them simple and elegant.

Use the classic designs for the floor coverings and window treatments. To give the bedroom a perfect finishing touch, add a beautiful vase having flowers with good fragrance and add photo frames to the room carrying loving memories of the past.

PostHeaderIcon Different kinds of beds for children

Do you have children at your place? In case you do, you know that you would have to provide them with the right kind of bed. Considering the rate at which they grow, you would need to change their beds on a very regular basis. When it comes to children’s beds there are many kinds of such beds which are available in the market.

The bunk beds are the commonest kinds of beds that are available for children. This is ideal for families with more than one child.  These are a great space saver as well. A canopy bed is ideal for those children who have a fairy tale themed bedroom. It adds a touch of romance to the room.

Day beds are the twin beds which are one of the most ideal designs for kids as you do not have to keep changing the beds regularly. The Murphy beds are ideal to save space. But you would have to ensure that they are securely folded up and have no chance of falling on the kids.

PostHeaderIcon Italian closet for your bedroom

For the latest homes in the 21st century, closet designing has become a huge business around the world and the leading country in such interior closet designing is Italy. Get the best Italian closets for your bedroom from the top designers of Italy.

These Italian closet designers not only account for the problem of those homeowners who have little or almost no closet space but also accommodate the people having much larger spaces. Besides the Italian closets for your bedroom, these interior designers also are efficient in building free-standing wardrobes having sleek but simple exterior designs.
In closet designing, designing of the door is the main key behind the reputation of the company and the more simple but majestic the doors are, the more wonderful they look. Not only that, custom designs are also done like additional shelves, drawers, mirrors, hangers, etc. The use of fine metal in construction of these is also common.

PostHeaderIcon Island color theme for your bedroom

A bedroom is a place you come back to from your busy day. It provides you with a chance to take a break and relax. This area is one of the most personal areas in your homes. To make it an effective retreat, most people add themes to their bedrooms. In case you are an island person, it would be a great idea to add an island theme to your bedroom.

Now how do you add an island theme to your bedroom? For that you will have to add on the shades of colors that are associated with an island. Blue, green, yellow are some of the common island shades. It must be taken care that all other furniture and accessories in the room compliment the shade. You could choose between wallpapers or paints.

In case you are going for wallpaper choose a poster with the image of a coast for the room. If you go for paints you could choose aquamarine shades like blue or sea green for the walls. A sandy yellow bedspread adds to the appeal.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating your room in black and white

One of the latest decorating trends that have hit the market is following a black and white color scheme in a room. If you have been planning to redo a particular room and do not mind this color combination, follow these simple tips to get an eye grabbing interior in no time at all. However, it is best that you experiment with this color scheme in your living or drawing room and not bedroom as the latter looks best in warm color tones.

You can either get black and white texture paint on the accent wall in the room or simply get wallpaper for the same. You can choose a dramatic look or opt for a symphony between the two shades while selecting a wall paper. Follow the same color palette throughout the room by getting upholstery in black and white. Floor rugs with geometric patterns in white and black also look good. To accessorize, you can get chinaware in black and white.

PostHeaderIcon Find ideas and inspirations online to decorate kid’s rooms

Decorating a kid’s room can become quite a task if you are not well versed with interior décor basics. However, you can find a plenty of ideas and inspirations for decorating a kid’s room on the Internet. The two keywords that you need to keep in mind while looking for decorating ideas online is that they should be fun and cheerful. Bright colors and big stickers of your kid’s favorite cartoon character or superhero are sure to strike a chord with them.

Colorful area rugs and low stools also form an integral part of a kid’s room décor. Make sure that the room’s decor reflects the personality of your kid. Do not forget to display his or her awards, drawings and projects on the shelf and pay close attention to the designs and patterns that you select for the upholstery. Personalize the room by adding your kid’s childhood collections and pictures and a few family vacation photos.

PostHeaderIcon Preparing your Bedroom for winter

There seems to be no place on earth better than your bedroom to be safe from chilling winter waves. One needs to do some modifications and preparation to make his/her bedroom more cosy and comfortable for the cold spree. First of all start with your bed sheet and replace it with a duvet of high tog rate. A tog rate of 12 is ideal for winters.

Thin cotton is not a good choice for bedding in winters. Cotton flannel or brushed cotton is appropriate to provide proper warmth. One can use electric blankets for winter bedrooms. These provide instant warmth and make you feel snug. When we wake up in morning in winters it is necessary to keep some warm clothes handy, so make arrangements for some pug or stand for clothes near your bed.

Take care of the flooring of our room. It is better to keep it covered with a carpet or rug in winters to have nice and warm experience when you get out of bed.