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PostHeaderIcon How to maintain a pool at home

maintain a poolIf you have a pool at your place, then there are a few things which you must keep o mind in order to keep your pool clean, well maintained and functional. Keeping your pool clean should be your priority because health comes first. Keep the pool covered when not in sue and use a net or wire mesh at night and in autumn seasons.

Use a cleanser and bleach while cleaning it. Clean the pool by draining the water every month. If you can devote some extra time, you can hand pick insects and leaves and debris off the pool with a pool handy net too. You can also hire a professional pool cleaner for the job. Have the vacuum pump and suction pump cleaned every 6 months. Change the water every month after use. The water should also be changed if it rains way too often in your area.

PostHeaderIcon Home relocation: how to make the process easier

Home relocation, home moving tipsAre shifting you home? Are you very much worried about the shifting of all the items during home relocation? You need not worry much because if you keep calm and cool and do the things step by step, then you successfully relocate your home.

You must give extra care to the small things or items to be shifted because they are mostly likely to be affected during this relocation process. Try wrapping up the small items like the show pieces, the statues and other things in a paper and keep them in a different box. First make sure that you shift all the big items of your home like the wardrobe, shelves, dining table, sofa, chairs, etc. Once these are done successfully, next you should shift the delicate and fragile items which require much care and attention.

There are many companies now who provide these services. It is advisable that you hire one such company for the purpose because they do the job professionally and you have little risk of damaging things.

PostHeaderIcon Security systems to keep you safe

Safe living is one of our primary concerns. Below is given an idea on different security systems.

You can install heat and fire detectors and flood and freeze sensors to alarm you in case of any hazard. Fix audio and visual alerts and motion sensors in and around your home to inform you regarding any kind of invasion. This is especially important for people staying in crime prone areas.

Then there are infrared cameras (for both outside and inside of your home) which are ideal for recording in night vision. The monitors would help you to keep a direct watch on the happenings of your home and surrounding areas. These security systems need proper installation, so get professional help while fixing them. Use deadbolt locks with the regular ones for high security. Do not forget to fix an eye hole on your main door. Your car must also be insured with a theft alarm.

PostHeaderIcon Dressing room drapes

One of the most important aspects of your dream home is the place where you dress up, and get ready for occasions and parties – the dressing room. It should thus have a welcoming and pleasant feel to it. So, choosing the right drapes for your dressing room becomes that much more essential. These drapes compliment the environment of the room and its door and windows, thus uniquely transforming the dressing room.

But you should keep in mind certain points while selecting the drapes for your dressing room. Firstly, you should be wise while selecting the color and design of the drapes. Matching colors are appreciated, as it will maximize the uniformity of hue in the room. Also, adding accessories to the drapes is a good idea, and is generally followed by many. Drape fabric is also an important factor, as certain fabrics are more capable of dust and dirt absorption. Lastly, budget is an area of concern for a lot of people, because you don’t want to burn a hole in your pockets while shopping for the drapes.

PostHeaderIcon How to make DIY shelves

DIY stands for decorate it yourself shelves. It means that this job calls for using your creative streak and innovations to design a shelf for your home use. Making shelves at home is a very easy task you can undertake if you know the exact material and tools to be used.

Take measurements of the room where you want to install this shelf and decide about the size of shelf you want to make. As per our space, get wall brackets and buy some anchors to support shelf brackets. Install shelf standards at pre decided places on the wall. Fasten them with studs so that screws do not get out of wall due to exertion.

Standards should provide firm support to shelves. Now attach the shelf standards to provide base and place shelf boards on brackets carefully. These types of shelves are easy to design and are cost efficient too. They help you to manage our home space effectively.

PostHeaderIcon Make Your Garden More Appealing

The garden is the most beautiful and preferred area of your house. For some gardening is not only a favorite pass time it is a matter of passion and immense fascination. A garden is a place where you can sit in tranquility and spend some time with nature. Thus, such a place is surely in need of serious beautification. The first thing you should do is to look for seasonal flowers. Flowers with astounding colors and shapes make the surrounding appear all the more pleasing and attractive.

You should always devote time and do research work in maintaining the glamour of your garden. In addition to this you should also make use of the right sort of resources and gardening knowledge in making your work done. There are guides, books and tutorials for this purpose. For some gardening is a hobby. Gardening involves several techniques. However, it is better that you start with simple herbs and plants. Thus once you have mastered the art see how your passion makes you a master gardener.

PostHeaderIcon 12 Quick Decorating Tips to Add Some Style to Your Home

Adding style to your home depends on the kind of look you feel your house will look best. Here are some extremely useful and quick tips for adding some style to your home:

Flowers: Flowers always jazz up the atmosphere. You can use different types of flowers for different moods and rooms.

• Pots: Pots always look great and come in different styles, shapes and sizes.

• Colourful cushions for the sofa.

• Wall paintings and hangings. They lend a very specific theme to the room.

• Carpets and rugs. They create a sense of comfort.

• Curtains and blinds that go with the mood of the room.

• Glass: You can change the look of your room by using glass objects.

• A mini bar at home is the best possible addition.

• A book shelf is a must.

• Try to have a lot of fabric.

• Polish old furniture and clean everything thoroughly.

• Last but not the least, keep your home clean.