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PostHeaderIcon Factors to consider before starting an eco friendly construction project

eco friendly construction, construction tipsGoing eco friendly is the flavor of the season. Today the concern towards the environment and a need to save the environment has resulted in many opting for eco-friendly options when it comes to the construction of their home or office. However there are a few things to consider when opting for eco friendly options:

• Though eco-friendly materials are the talk of the town, getting their supply can become a problem if everything has not been ordered before hand. Make sure the orders are placed beforehand.
• Eco-friendly materials are unconventional and rare and therefore they can cost you much more then the regular materials. Make sure the eco-friendly construction project is according to your budget or else you will be left with a bitter after taste.
• Eco-friendly construction needs much research and its sustainability and maintenance should be well planned and thought for. It is a big huge and should be planned with outmost care.

PostHeaderIcon Roof-top garden and their types

The garden created on a roof top is referred to as the roof-top garden. Apart from decking up your roof, it also helps to control temperature, provide recreational opportunities and food.

There are two types of roof top gardens based on the structural condition of the roof, extensive and intensive. The first one is a lightweight garden and requires very little maintenance. It can be installed in both sloped and flat roofs. You can grow here a wide range of wild flowers, hardy grasses, sedums. It is better to get drought tolerant herbs which would not be affected due excessive sun and wind exposure.

The intensive one needs a flat roof. These gardens possess an exotic variety of beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees. The vegetation either covers the whole area or is placed over raised beds. Thus a powerful roof structure is essential. These plants are sensitive, so, must be kept in covers during winter. Good maintenance is necessary and you need to fix proper lighting, exits and guard rails.

PostHeaderIcon Eco-friendly lighting for your house

Energy is one of the most essential resources in modern times. People nowadays tend to save more, than they used to in earlier days. As a matter of fact, more and more people are switching to eco-friendly lighting for their houses and gardens, as an alternative to traditional sources of energy. Not only do these consume lesser power, they help in safeguarding the environment, by cutting out on pollution and helping in conservation.

Amongst the most prevalent modes of eco-friendly lighting, solar light panel deserves special mention. These panels can light up entire houses by utilizing the energy from the Sun during the day. Besides, CFLs, or Compact Florescent Lamp are a newer technology, which has cut down power consumption to as much as 75 percent. LEDs are also one of the modes to reduce excessive usage of energy. The acceptance of these new methods of lighting will not only make the Earth a much cleaner and greener planet, it will also save quite a lot of your cash, which would otherwise have been unnecessarily spent on paying the energy bills.

PostHeaderIcon Furniture conserving space inside your house

These days the cost of a home is increasing. Why is that? While the population is increasing the space or available living area is not. That space remains constant, the reason why there is a space crunch everywhere. Quite obviously people these days are living in smaller areas. That is exactly the reason why there is a move towards being smart and increasing the area of space that you are living in. That is why space conserving furniture is the hot favorite among people nowadays.

One of the most popular forms of space saving furniture is those which come with additional cabinets. Let us say you get a bed, there are many beds out there which come with cabinets and drawers, and there is other space smart furniture which is combines two functions in one.

The sofa cum bed is an excellent example of one. These kinds of furniture are not just a super saver of space but also of money. In case you talk about space saving furniture you cannot really miss out mentioning the Futon furniture. Futon furniture is pretty much a popular choice these days as well.

PostHeaderIcon Organic Home Furniture Goes Mainstream

In today’s world, people are not only giving preference to organic foods but even organic furnishing. In fact, the eco-friendly furniture is gaining popularity and is currently in good competition to fight the cause of rain forests which are diminishing. It is seen that the manufacturers of these organic furnishings tend to use reclaimed timber which is a better substitute. Many may not know, but the reclaimed wood has even been used for making wood furniture which is inspired by the Egyptians.

Use of reclaimed timber is nice for the environment because by its usage, the furniture makers recycle that portion of timber which is actually logged and it is not carried on by cutting down trees. One can even find a great variety of these organic furnishings and eco-friendly furniture. It is also seen that many of these items have craftsmanship which is artisan. This organic home furniture has been the talk of the town and therefore is something very special and its demand should be encouraged.