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PostHeaderIcon Building your outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace, fireplaceIf you want to have a contemporary look for your lawn or garden or even backyard you can enhance the value of your home and the looks by making an outdoor fireplace. First of all you would need to dig a pit in an appropriate place. The measurements should be approximately- 4 feet deep and 5 feet wide with a thickness of at least 4 inches.

The key to making your fireplace work is place your masonry fireplace bricks and stones in the proper able using the right dimensions so that smoke flows out of the chimney properly. Once this is done, start with your firebricks. The colors and design can be selected as per one’s choice and budget. Now it’s time for the masonry veneer. You can either use stone, or brick, depending upon how much you want to spend. The natural stone veneers are the most expensive.

PostHeaderIcon Gel fireplace: what is it?

What you probably used to see in movies where there used to be a fire place at almost every living room; yes it’s exactly similar only a bit innovative. It’s no more 60’s or 70’s that we’re talking about but a fire place can never be out of fashion. Having a fire place at your own house in the living room will brighten up your décor instantly. It’s an extremely elegant way of decorating your room.

There are a lot of such artificial fire places that are available in the market today which you can buy and set it up in your living room. if you’re dwelling in a country with temperature dropping to negative pretty often then having build up a fire place is exactly what you should be aiming for instead of having a room heater. A fire place is way better than a room heater in a way that it doesn’t waste electricity and thereby saves a lot of energy.

The concept of having a fire place is a British idea that initiated in the early century to keep the room warm during that time when there were no electric room heaters. Having a fire place in a living room ever since has been in fashion and will always be.

PostHeaderIcon Table lamps for your study tables

The right table lamp is very important. Most people concentrate on all aspects of decorating a study room but overlook on the most important one. Choosing the wrong kind of lamp would mean that you would be putting unnecessary strain on your eyes and therefore hampering your eyesight. You need to ensure that the lamp you are choosing for the table provides the right amount of light and is of the right height.

The first criterion that you would have to keep in mind is the wiring of the table lamp. In case the table is set against a wall with an electric socket, it is fine. Otherwise the wiring becomes a big hassle. Often people use a wire system that obstructs movement into the room.

Once you have determined the wiring, check what kind of bulbs can be used. There are some lamps where changing of the bulb is quite a simple affair, while there are others where it is a quite a hassle. Do not overlook the height aspect.

PostHeaderIcon Selecting Decoration and Paintings for fireplace

The chilly winters has set in and its time to set up your fireplace for warm evenings. Fireplaces are a great haven during winters. Some people may have backyard fireplaces while others have it indoors. Wherever it may be, it can be set up and decorated well to enjoy those chilly evenings. If you have enough space around your fireplace you can try out a variety of decorations and painting to make it appealing.

Painting around a fireplace should generally be dark colors like orange or red. These give it a cozy feel. It’s best to have red brick wood around the fireplace to help the fire ignite well. As for decorations, keep low base wooden chairs to sit and relax. Side tables are good to hold cups of teas and coffee. Never put decorative items that are prone to catching fire. Use inflammable decorative items preferably wood, timber or teak.

PostHeaderIcon Which is a better choice gas or wood fireplace?

A fireplace can be an extremely stunning yet a classic add on to your beautiful home decor. It will not just keep your lovely house warm and cozy but also bring a touch of old-fashioned luxury. Both gas and wood fireplaces are quite popular but they have their own set of appeal.

A wood fireplace manages to create a fascinating timeless ambience in your living room but it requires a lot of effort. You need to have a regular supply of firewood and make storage arrangements. Also, the chimney and the ashes have to be cleaned up on a periodic basis. On the other hand, a gas fireplace turns out to be a more convenient option with minimal upkeep. The low cost of gas makes it an extremely affordable option. There are many fireplace models that don’t even require a vent. So, if you wish to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace without any hassles, opt for a gas fireplace.

PostHeaderIcon How to Get the Right Fireplace for Your Rooms

Doesn’t it feel absolutely heavenly when on a winter night you sit on a high backed chair, with a book, by the fireplace sipping whiskey, wine or even coffee? There is something so luxurious and calming about it. Fireplaces add warmth, life and exuberance to your home.

Options when it comes to fireplaces are abundant both in quantity and quality. From traditional marble or granite fireplaces to contemporary modern electric or gas lit fireplaces, you have so much to choose from. Adding a fireplace to your bedroom will add the passion and warmth of fire. Symmetry is very important; the fireplace shouldn’t look cluttered, decorate it symmetrically and keep the size constraints in mind.

Add a fireplace to your kitchen, to give you a warm comforting presence while you cook. A fireplace in your study is another excellent addition to add to the elegance and earthiness of your library. Outdoor fireplaces are also very convenient and trendy.

PostHeaderIcon Outdoor fireplaces for the upcoming winters

As winters set in, fear of the cold demodulates people to be outside. However the heat and warmth that an outdoor fireplace provides makes the winters something to look forward to.

Outdoor fireplaces include the traditional backyard fireplaces, Chimneys, Outdoor fire pits etc. In-depth knowledge of each of these can help you make a choice easily.

Traditional backyard fireplaces are in the form of a rectangle and consist of a metal door that can swing to and fro. A utilitarian outdoor fireplace has a circular body with tubular metal wheels which allows the units to be movable. Chimneys allow faster emission of fire and the burning time is more prolonged. Fire bowls and fire pits hold lots of firewood and supplying equal heat to everyone around it.

Henceforth you can now enjoy the winter evenings outside without feeling uncomfortable. As these outdoor fireplaces provide you with complete warmth, creating an area warm enough to keep friends and family toasty on a cold night.

PostHeaderIcon Fireplace mantel ideas and tips

A fireplace mantel more often than not serves as the focal point of the room in which it is present. Hence, it becomes all the more important to pay special attention to decorating the same so that it adds to the visual appeal of the space. For those looking for fireplace mantel decorating ideas and tips, we have a few simple ones listed below. A classical decorating tip is placing some beautiful family pictures framed in exquisite sterling silver photo frames on the mantel.

You can even place silver candle holders on each side of the mantel to create a sense of symmetry with potpourri in the middle. Some homeowners like the idea of draping a tapestry over their fireplace and placing an ornate mirror on the mantel. You can even balance out several small souvenirs placed on one side of the mantel with a flamboyant vase placed on the other end.

PostHeaderIcon Real Fireplace in the Living Room

Artificiality can lure one, but having a real fireplace in the living room is what makes a perfect house even better. It is known that having a fireplace always is an addition to the elements which give a charm that one would have in the olden days in one’s house as it does not only provide warmth in the cold weather.

If there is a special built which is for a fireplace, it is perfect but if there is no place for fireplace, then one can surely try remodeling a section of their living room. One can even get ideas as to how to design their fireplace in the living room.

Surely one can even think of decorating their fireplace which can add to the beauty of the fireplace. Real fireplace should be opted for because it is the traditional way of having a fireplace which should not be altered.