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PostHeaderIcon How to clean patio furniture

You must have decked up your patio with attractive furniture.Below are given some tips to clean them.

Firstly, you would need a bucket of warm water with 3Tbsp. of a mild dishwasher dissolved in it, a sponge and a dry cloth. If you have aluminum furniture, soak the cloth in soapy water solution. Then start rubbing gently on them. Focus on the stains. Then rinse the cloth and furniture with plain water. Now, use a soft dry cloth to dry the furniture. Otherwise you can also rub some car wax on the aluminum with a soft rag and buff it off after drying. In case of the plastic ones, do the exact process with a sponge. Keep it for fifteen minutes and then rinse off well.

Be careful, do not use corrosive liquids or harsh brushes, it will ruin the surface of the furniture. You can polish the aluminum ones with a baby oil every month to bring back the lost luster. If possible keep the furniture covered.

PostHeaderIcon Cheap sources of stylish furniture

Are you just moving into a new home? Do you need to furnish your home from scratch? In case your answer to these questions is yes then you would not just have a mammoth task in front of you. You might have to almost burn a hole in your pocket to decorate your house to the level of your taste in class.

Obviously when you are given the task of getting new furniture you tend to look for reasonable stuff. However you cannot compromise on style, look and quality. After all these furniture are going to be almost your lifelong companions. The best place to get stylish furniture for a cheap price is the garage sale. Be on the lookout for these. You might get a treasure piece at a throwaway price. The internet is also a great place for these deals. You might try out websites which specializes in second hand furniture as well.

PostHeaderIcon Some unconventional bathroom furniture ideas

Are you tired of the done to death white porcelain bathroom furniture that used to be a part of literally every household? Well it is quite natural to be so. In case you are planning to think out of the box, there are some great ideas that we have to share with you.

There are a lot of unconventional things and materials that could be used for the bathroom furniture. You would just have to use your creativity. A very common yard sale leftover is the cupboards that you generally associate with the bedrooms. Well, you can creatively use it for your bathroom, where you can store all the extra towels and vanity requirements.

Metal desk is something that you would probably never associate with your bathroom. But here we are suggesting just that. These would be a great addition to the bathroom. Another bathroom furniture idea is wood. These days a lot of people are using wood to add on a classy look to the bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Wooden dining tables vs. glass tables

Whether it is for a regular family meal or a gathering the dining table is the centerpiece. The dining table reflects a lot about you as does the rest of the interior home décor. These tables are for daily use other than the occasional gathering hence choosing the right one makes a lot of difference.

If you want a sleek contemporary and modern look to your dining area then the glass dining table is the ideal option. They come in many options and varieties which can be matched with the chair sets. But it has some drawbacks too keeping it sparking clean and neat becomes a heavy task as glass is very susceptible to finger prints and other dirt.

They are also heavier than the wooden dining tables and cannot be expanded like the wooden dining tables when there are more guests. The sturdiness and durability of the wooden dining table also makes it the obvious choice.

PostHeaderIcon Add fashion to your room with table skirts

If you have become tired of seeing the same old table lying in an inconspicuous corner of your home and do not know what to do about it, why not get a table skirt made for the same. This is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to jazz up a table and to put it to multiple uses. With a table skirt made to complement the color scheme of your bedroom, you can use the table as a bedside table or dressing table.

You can also add a dash of color to your otherwise neutral palette drawing room by getting a vibrant hued floor length table skirt made for the side table. This can go just beside the arm chair or sofa and can also be used as a festive dining table for special occasions or when you have guests at home. A table skirt can be round, rectangular, drum or pleated round in shape as per your liking.

PostHeaderIcon Special napkin folding for your table

The best way to add a special touch to your table setting is by opting for an artistic napkin folding that complements the same. It not only adds to the appeal of the table setting but also draws appreciation from your guests for having taken the trouble to make the table look extraordinarily beautiful. In fact, some singular napkins folding look so good that you simply do not want to undo them at all.

If you too want to make your guests feel special and add a feather to your hostess cap, you need to learn some simple yet special napkin folding techniques for your table. These take only a few minutes to make and the more you practice the better and faster you will get at it over time. A compact tailored napkin fold looks apt for a luncheon, while a simple pocket napkin fold that has been filled with flowers looks amazing for an alfresco breakfast setting.

PostHeaderIcon Best places to find budget furniture

Decorating can be a fun experience only if it is done keeping the budget in view. Anytime you need to get new furniture for your house, it is imperative to ensure that you are spending your dollars on the right thing. If your job requires you to move frequently and you need to buy new furniture for an extra room in your house, simply head to the nearest consignment store and browse through their furniture collection.

You can surely find something to your liking at quite a steal in these stores. If you are lucky, you may even find some beautiful estate pieces at extremely low bargain prices here. Garage sales and flea markets are some other places where you can find quality furniture at affordable rates. The clearance sale of a furnishing shop can also help you get great discounts on your purchase. You can even check out the model home furnishings that are available on sale.

PostHeaderIcon What to look for in recliner chairs?

Recliner chairs since its invention in the 1920’s took the world by storm due to the comfort they provide. It’s the best furniture to relax and lounge on. You don’t have to do hard work at all, just push the lever and your done. The latest addition to Recliner chairs is the new leather swivel recliners. It is of great use as you can move it wherever you want when you are sitting on it.

Many people suffer from aching muscles after hard days work for them the best remedy is the massage recliner chair. It helps to relax all your strained muscles in the neck and upper back area. For elder people who find it extremely difficult to walk and move around the lift recliner chair is their best option. They are a bit expensive but totally worth the price. You can also choose the color and fabric of your recliner chair and make it as fashionable as possible.

PostHeaderIcon Sliding Wood Closet Doors

Walk-in closets signify silent sophistication in their presence. These are longer than they are deep and hence it is required to use a sliding door for them. It brings grace and elegance to the room they are installed in.

Mostly sliding doors are made up of wood and are available in hard wood, louvered or panelled wood. A good quality door will have a damper system to control the sliding speed of door and silent rails. It should fit at place every time you close the door and without any noise.

There are various styles and designs of wooden sliding doors available in market. One can choose them as per the interiors and size of their room. For smaller rooms it is advisable to go with mirrored sliding doors as they provide you space for dressing. You can also choose from smoked mirror on sliding door to give your room a class look.

PostHeaderIcon How to make DIY shelves

DIY stands for decorate it yourself shelves. It means that this job calls for using your creative streak and innovations to design a shelf for your home use. Making shelves at home is a very easy task you can undertake if you know the exact material and tools to be used.

Take measurements of the room where you want to install this shelf and decide about the size of shelf you want to make. As per our space, get wall brackets and buy some anchors to support shelf brackets. Install shelf standards at pre decided places on the wall. Fasten them with studs so that screws do not get out of wall due to exertion.

Standards should provide firm support to shelves. Now attach the shelf standards to provide base and place shelf boards on brackets carefully. These types of shelves are easy to design and are cost efficient too. They help you to manage our home space effectively.