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PostHeaderIcon Polishing your hardwood flooring

Maintenance of hardwood floors, Hardwood flooringCleaning and maintaining hardwood floors is by far one of the toughest things that one has to encounter with. As most of the burden falls on the floors, it is imperative that proper care and maintenance of the hardwood floors is taken. But contrary to common belief, cleaning and polishing the hardwood floors isn’t a very tedious or difficult job. One simply needs to ensure the fact that one does not immediately trod upon the surface of the floor after the polishing has been done.

There are various wood polishers available in the market and based upon the type of hardwood floor that you have, you can select one and use it to keep you hardwood floor spic and span. These wood polishes need to be applied to your hardwood flooring on a fairly regular basis to ensure that the shine remains and that the longevity of the hardwood floor increases.

PostHeaderIcon Waterproofing your garage: cork flooring

Cork flooring for garage, garage maintenanceLike every other part of your home need proper interiors and flooring being done, the garage area needs the same too. Waterproofing your basement and garage is very essential, and cork flooring is a good way of doing it. The best quality of cork is that it is lightweight, strong and durable. Once the flooring is done in the garage, you need not worry about it for years to come.

The elasticity and softness that the garage flooring will get with the cork flooring is something worth it. You would not have to worry about dampness or any other such problems which occur due to moisture, once your garage has been installed with cork flooring. The cost involved in installing cork flooring is minimal too. The qualities of cork flooring which make it one of the best choice for garage flooring are that it is environment friendly, waterproof, beautiful, long lasting and strong.

PostHeaderIcon DIY tip to install travertine wall tiles

install travertine wall tiles, wall tilesIt just needs a bit of patience and the right set of tools to install travertine tiles on the walls of your bathroom or kitchen. These natural stonetiles are part of the limestone family and comes in a variety of designs and colours. The outcome of the self installation would be self- impressive and deduction of costing and labour time.

First thing first, sets of tool required:

Notch trovel, tape measure, thin set pre-mixed mortar, 1 by 2 lumber, framing square, tile spacers, cement board, drill, grout, sealer, grout float, wet tile saw, towel, bucket, water and pencil.

Steps to be followed:


  • If the wall is of concrete, clean it and if of wood or other material, then fix the cement board with screws using the drill. This provides a better and strong base.
  • Decide on the outline and wall designing. If the upper tiles are smaller than bottom ones, start placing the full sized tiles from below moving upward, and if the full set even then start from the middle.
  • For starting from the middle, mark the centre of the wall, top to bottom, with the measuring tape.  Screw the 1 by 2 lumber in the centre line. This will support the rows of tiles you would set.
  • The notch trovel be used to spread thin set of mortar on the wall where you would start and at the back of the tile. Take note that mortar mixture be thin as travertine tiles are absorptive in nature and might lead to decolourization.
  • Put the tile at the desired place and push it firmly against the wall. Use tile spacer and follow above steps for each tile. After completion remove the lumber and start from bottom for the lower half. Use thick grout mix with water and apply in the tile spaces.
  • Clean with towel for the polished look.
  • Apply sealer evenly into the wall.

PostHeaderIcon An account on cleaning granite flooring and countertops

cleaning granite flooringCleaning granite floors could be tiresome jobs to several people but if you abide by a number of simple tips then the cleaning process can be really easy. If any liquid substance is split on your granite floor then without any delay you must blot it completely dry so that any amount of moisture doesn’t remain there. But never think of wiping your granite floor because it might cause harm to the flooring by ruining its surface and making it rough.

Polished granite floors require regular cleaning in order to maintain the smoothness and shine of it. You can wipe the flooring gently with a piece of dry cloth but if you have a large room then taking help from the professionals would be a better idea. The professionals’ cleaners generally clean the granite floors with buffing machines. But if you intend to clean it up with water then use a good amount of water for mopping.

PostHeaderIcon Exotic coasters to bring your dining table to life

You can spice up your dining experience by not only having delicious dishes. You can also decorate the dining table and bring life to the family. The whole family experience is rejuvenated by the exotic dining furniture. You can get exotic coaster sets to decorate your dining table. There are various types of coasters you can get from the market. It may be leather coasters or polo coasters. The taste of the person is reflected by the dining furniture one selects.

One can go in for beaded tea coasters for breakfast decorations and also marble tea coasters are good choices. The next best choice is designer coasters of you have fascination for perfection and art. These are simply add-ons which enhance the beauty of the dining table. The main style is reflected by the table itself though. So the person has to choose the coaster set judging from the table’s design.

PostHeaderIcon Embellish your computer table reflect your tech savviness

Your computer table is your favorite piece of furniture in the whole house, if you are among the tech savvy section of society. It is understandable that you would want the table to look good and trendy. You may decorate it according to the season or the upcoming festival. Like if it is Easter you can put on the cover with the face of Jesus or if it is thanksgiving you can put up the family album on the table. You can also cover the computer desk by fashionable table sheets with 3-d stickers that help your table look tech savvy.

Suppose it is Halloween then you can easily collect all possible horror stickers from your friends and put them up on your table and get the feel of the festival. In addition you can place the pictures of your favorite tech gadgets that reflect your taste. You can showcase your collection of gadgets in your computer table too.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to procure snazzy furniture

The rooms are well endowed with the beautiful furniture pieces one has. Stylish furniture marks the style quotient of the house. Steel chairs and tubular sofas are the most fashionable sitting arrangements people are having in their homes. With much less expense you can just make your house much more attractive and stylish. Just that one item has to be a bit expensive which will stand out among the rest and will be the defining statement of your furniture collection.

It may be the sofas or the tables which you would like to invest in. also the color matters as the wooden furniture items has slowly been replaced by less expensive plastic ones. People go in for fashion rather than durability. Also these items cost less and look better. The twenty first century is the season of steel and plastic furniture which makes it the best trendy answer to the olden days’ wooden pieces.

PostHeaderIcon Illuminate optimally your house: The energy efficient way

The best eco-friendly ways to illuminate your house are discussed here. You can get eco-friendly landscaping lights to illuminate your house by saving a lot of energy. Low voltage lighting like 12 watt bulbs are always very efficient in lighting up your rooms and let people notice the beauty of the rooms. Such lights come in all shapes & sizes too. There can be lights which can be kept at strategic places which will endow the beauty of the place. Also it will catch the attention of guests and make the house look more beautiful in their eyes.

These lights come very cheap and also last longer. The illumination provided is enough to light up the whole space and also consumes less energy thus making this whole solution eco-friendly and energy efficient. You can visit your nearest electric hardware shop to get such zero power low voltage bulbs and illuminate your house.

PostHeaderIcon Decorated bed sheets that reflect your taste

In the bedroom the cot is the center of attraction and is the focal point of all decoration that the room goes through. The easiest ways to decorate your bed is first to buy fashionable pillows and bed sheets. Now you can buy a bed sheet for making pillow covers and quilts. If you have a particular taste and fascinate for certain type of designs then you can go for designer bed sheets. Also you can cover the bed with the best bed sheet of your choice but this one must be very comfortable and preferably lighter in color.

Bed sheets can be used as curtains or covers for other bed materials. But it is very important to choose them according to your taste so that you can send vibes to your partner when both of you are in the room. The color should preferably be your favorite so that you are always jovial in the room.

PostHeaderIcon Give your bedroom a makeover-The inexpensive way

If you are not happy with the same boring getup of your bedroom then it is time to bring about a change in the overall appearance. I will suggest the best inexpensive ways here. First you should dump all the unwanted things present in the room and clear out the space for tidiness. The more the garbage the less space you will be able to keep decorative things.

Now, it is time to select a particular design for putting furniture or some piece of art to decorate the bedroom. Choose a pattern that suits your style and taste so that you are relaxed seeing the decoration when you are in your bedroom. The next best thing is to decorate the walls with wallpapers or hangings or may be even paintings. The windows can be done with some inexpensive shades and the whole room can be thus redecorated to perfection without spending much.