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PostHeaderIcon Right color choices for Kids room

kids room decor, home decorAre you planning a facelift for your kid’s room this time? Well, a fresh coat of paint plays a great role in any kind of room makeover and in many cases the sole factor creating a refreshing mood. When it comes to kids’ rooms there are a number of color options to go for.

You can go for the blue shade, but not the ultra light sky- your pick would be a medium blue shade. Blue is said to have a calming effect on human mind without being dull. It has been found that children playing in blue rooms usually get along well without quarrel or fight. Green is another good choice given its energizing effect.

You can trust on yellow as well. Yellow is a cheerful and happy color and would work to retain a zing effect all throughout the room. Pink is often thought for a little girl’s chamber. It’s peppy without being too loud.

PostHeaderIcon Nursery décor for a baby boy

Nursery decor, home decorPicking up the best decoration for your baby should be an easy task and with the plethora of options that are readily available you may well be in a dilemma as to which one to choose. First and foremost the color of the room should be selected. It must be colors if light shades such as pink or blue. However there are other colors too which you can choose. These two are the most common colors that baby rooms have. Secondly you can choose themes for the room. There are plenty of themes that are very popular in the market. Some of the most popular ones are the cartoon themes, Barbie doll themes and many others.

Another thing which you can do is get different kinds of light for the room. There are various lights with different sizes and designs. This will make the room a suitable place for the baby.

PostHeaderIcon Give your teenager a pleasant surprise with a well equipped game room

Do you want to surprise your teenage kids by designing a well equipped games room for them? Well, if you do, here is a bit of help for you. You will have to keep in mind that before you get the gaming kits you will have to do up the game room properly.

First lay down the floor covering of the room. Your next step will be to decide on the color of the teen gaming room. You can choose from monochromatic, complementary or analogous color schemes. Monochromatic and analogous color schemes will give the room a calmer effect while complementary color scheme will create a dramatic look.

Room layout is very important while doing up a game room. To determine the items that will fit in the room, you will need to measure the room. A proper layout for the game room will have designated areas. Teenagers want their gaming room to be comfy with video games, DVD players, television, couch and chairs. Place items in the game area. Remember that teenagers love games like air hockey, foosball, pool and ping-pong.

PostHeaderIcon Making your basement a cool play area for your kids

Are you wondering what to do with your basement? Many people tend to turn their basements into either a store room or a game or study room. How about changing your basement into a special playing area just for your kids? Turn the gloomy atmosphere of the basement into an exciting colourful one and give your kids a wonderful place to spend time in.

First of all, clean out the basement. Fix any leaking edges, or cracked pipes and mend broken hinges, etc. windows and ventilators should also be fixed so that dust and water doesn’t seep in. Finally make sure the ventilation is good. Paint the walls with bright colours. Place pool tables, carom boards or foosball tables if you like.

Invest in some cozy couches or carpets too for making the room look more inviting. Make sure there is enough lighting available. Make shelves and store boxes to store toys and books for the kids. Finally the dream room for your kids will be all ready to be used.

PostHeaderIcon Selecting wallpapers for your kids’ room

 If you want to install wallpapers in your little daughter’s room, it is vital that you take into account her likes and dislikes. If your little princess is into Barbie, then you can make her happy by using Barbie wallpapers for her room. Cute Barbie wallpapers will sweep your little one off her feet.

To buy Barbie wallpapers for your daughter’s room you can check the websites that offer wall decorations. Barbie wallpapers usually consist of decals, wall borders and appliqués. These decorations can usually be removed easily or repositioned. Decide which type of wallpaper you want.

 Check the design and color of the Barbie wallpapers. Though the dominant color of Barbie wallpapers is pink, you can opt for different hues and innovative designs. Keep in mind the dominant color of your daughter’s room when you select the wallpaper for her room. So, get Barbie wallpapers for you daughter and make her happy.

PostHeaderIcon Baby proofing kid’s room for ultimate safety

If you are expecting a kid, then there are certain things which you need to do and the first thing on that list will be baby proofing your apartment. Even when we buy pets like cats and dogs, we contact a hardware store and pet proof our houses but a baby is thousand times more important to us than a pet and a baby has more risk factors than any pet so it is ultimately necessary to baby proof your apartment as soon as you are expecting a baby. Doing that early will be useful as early planning will cushion any delay in working.

Baby proofing can be done by yourself or by contractors who work specially on this purpose. If you go to those contractors, your job will be easy. They will come and take a survey of your place and within 3-4 days, they will finish the entire job.

PostHeaderIcon Perfect draperies for kids’ room

If you have kids at home you need to pay a whole lot of attention when it comes to decorating their rooms. And draperies play a major role in the décor of kids’ rooms. Therefore selecting the perfect draperies for the kids’ room is extremely essential. However the primary thing that you need to decide is whether you want the draperies to blend with the other features of the room or you want the draperies to be the highlight of the room.

It is important that you take your kids along with you when you go drapery shopping. Listen carefully to their opinions. Kids usually love cartoons and you can get some funky prints as well.

For your daughter you can get the flower land drape, the mermaid drape or the ladybug drape. And your son will just love the Batman never fear drape. You can opt for the whacky patterns or the truck and trains drape.

PostHeaderIcon How to decorate the walls of your kids’ room

Kids, especially pre-teens are very strange about their room decorations. What will you do if your 10 year old decided to live in an all black room? How can you make him understand without hurting him? Here are some temporary ideas using which you can satisfy your kids’ needs without hurting them.

Let your kids hang their own art works on the walls. That will satisfy them more than you can ever do. That will give them a feel of uniqueness when they enter their room. You can get crepe paper from stores and cover them over your wallpapers. You can let your child paint the crepe paper and they will never know that it’s just paper and not the actual wall.

Pre-teens are addicted to posters. They will stick posters all over the wall and decorate their room. But just make sure that they are using tapes and not adhesives while pasting.

PostHeaderIcon Find ideas and inspirations online to decorate kid’s rooms

Decorating a kid’s room can become quite a task if you are not well versed with interior décor basics. However, you can find a plenty of ideas and inspirations for decorating a kid’s room on the Internet. The two keywords that you need to keep in mind while looking for decorating ideas online is that they should be fun and cheerful. Bright colors and big stickers of your kid’s favorite cartoon character or superhero are sure to strike a chord with them.

Colorful area rugs and low stools also form an integral part of a kid’s room décor. Make sure that the room’s decor reflects the personality of your kid. Do not forget to display his or her awards, drawings and projects on the shelf and pay close attention to the designs and patterns that you select for the upholstery. Personalize the room by adding your kid’s childhood collections and pictures and a few family vacation photos.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate a Baby’s Room on a Budget

Babies’ rooms can easily be decorated on low budgets and can be fun too. The basic idea is to make the room look very lively and playful. You can choose a theme for the room from one of your kid’s favourite cartoons or can simply make it look colourful. You can use stickers and other inexpensive materials to achieve a playful look almost instantly.

The child’s bed should not be too big but not too small either that your kid grows out of it the very next year. Add some nice paintings to the walls. Avoid using delicate and breakable objects. Wood and plastic are the preferred materials as they are very durable. Finally, you can finish by arranging your kids toys, dolls and teddies in proper places. Try to have a shelf in your child’s room so that it does not get cluttered all the time and is easy to clean.