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PostHeaderIcon The Best Dishwashers in 2020

A dishwasher was always a must have kitchen equipment across the homes. But never before was the utility of the dishwasher felt so acute as of now. Now finding a dishwasher that fits into your scheme of things is not a cakewalk. You need to fully aware of your requirements in terms of load capacity determined through place settings, and the size of the dishwasher. There are hundreds of dishwashers in the market but the best have to be carefully found. You can find here the best dishwashers of 2020 which will hold their fort even in 2021.

Things to check before you choose your dishwasher:

Check whether your kitchen is ready to take the dishwasher. What does that mean? Well that means, is you have to ensure for power supply and a circuit breaker within an arms length of the location where the you plan to place your dishwasher. Also ensure that the circuit breaker unit is moisture and water proof.

Plan where the drainage water will go out from. If this is the first time you are installing a dishwasher, it is almost sure that this aspect has not been planned for. Look out for the drainage outlet which will be attached to the dishwasher drainage pipe.

Take accurate measurements of the area where you plan to install the dishwasher. The model of the dishwasher that you want to choose should comfortably fit into the designated area. Not only should the dishwasher fit into the area, there should be a gap of around 2 inches around the 4 sides of the dishwasher.

This gap will ensure that the air flows around the equipment ensuring that the dishwasher has enough airflow to keep it naturally cool. Remember the space around your refrigerator. The gap also ensures that you can easily place and remove the dishwasher from that location without creating any scratches and dents on the outer body.

Look out whether you want an integrated or a freestanding dishwasher. Mostly people buy freestanding dishwashers only. An integrated is generally planned at the stage on constructing your kitchen interiors itself. Also a freestanding is easier and efficient to move around if required. The maintenance is also smoother for freestaning dishwashers

PostHeaderIcon How To Organize Your Kitchen

ways to organize your kitchen

Tips to organize your kitchen

Organizing your kitchen is not a big rocket science but of course where to start from can be a big rocket science especially for those who are new and not use to this. Kitchen is one of the most used are in your home and seeing it cluttered all the time is definitely not a good thing. Having a cluttered kitchen will also not let you cook in peace as you will be troubling finding the entire kitchen appliance from here and there. If you kitchen is extremely cluttered then organizing your kitchen is not an option in fact it’s a necessity. Here are some of the essential tips which will help you in organizing your kitchen and keeping it that way.

  • Make your kitchen decluttered

Organizing your kitchen and making it decluttered is very different from other rooms. Kitchen generally use very different kind of clutter, it will have useless knife sets, ice cream makers which you never use, wedding registry things, all those gadgets which you bought from TV commercials but are of no use and such other things. Analyze your kitchen and find out all such useless items. Getting rid of all such big items from your kitchen will get you much added space to organize that stuff which is actually needed. Check out your fridge and remove all those things which are expired or stale. Also check out the junk food filled pantry and take a look at the freezer. Ensure to use the items stored in freezer twice in a year and take out those things which are there since decades and you are no longer going to use.

  • Use back space of cabinet doors

The space which is there inside your cabinet doors is kind of wasted space. Instead of keeping that surface blank, try and organize your spoons and measuring cups over there. Try and store the pot covers on the back side by installing the inexpensive hooks over there. You can also consider installing a knife block on the back side of the door where it can hold the cutting boards on the doors and can put anything to the back for getting access easily.

  • Store your food properly in fridge

It’s not just about keeping the food in and out of your fridge. There are some specific spots allotted for organizing specific items. Say for example dairy items should be placed on the upper shelf of the fridge where there is constant temperature whereas the metal should be placed in the bottom part of the fridge where there is highest temperature and any leaks from other food would not be able to contaminate other food in the fridge.  You can also organize your stuff in food on the basis of first in and first out. Those things which you are not going to use on frequent basis should be placed at last whereas those things which are going to be used on daily basis should be placed first.

PostHeaderIcon Granite kitchen countertops: How to keep them as good as new

Granite kitchen countertops, kitchen countertopsIt’s true that the granite kitchen countertop at your kitchen is an asset to you. So if you really want to maintain it and make it last for a long period of time then you should take up a few necessary steps. While granite counter tops for your kitchen you should make sure that they are properly sealed following the direction of the manufacturer.
Getting a few hot pads on your granite counter top is a wise idea as you are not supposed to put hot pans directly on to the countertops. If your granite counter top gets patches or any stain then without making delays you should wash it up by using liquid soap and water.

But after washing your granite kitchen countertop you should dry it completely with a piece of cloth and if it gets some scratches on to it then you should consult with a stone dealer.

PostHeaderIcon Maintaining your kitchen countertops

Tips to maintain kitchen countertops, kitchen careOne of the most chosen countertops used to decorate the kitchen is Granite. The simple reason being the fact that Granite is very durable and lasts a very long time with minimal supervision but that does not mean that one can keep on neglecting the Granite countertops and think of it to be self cleaning. Granite gives one the salt and pepper impression which looks very elegant and classy and can be kept that way for years on the end with a little care from your end.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you spill anything on the countertop, clean it immediately. Granite is very vulnerable to acid and anything which contains even traces of acid such as orange juices and cold beverages need to be mopped up immediately to prevent any kind of damage. One must avoid adding extra weight to the Granite countertops as it might damage the edges and take away the charm from it and make sure that you use trivets to keep hot dishes and avoid direct contact with the Granite countertop.

PostHeaderIcon Tips of cleaning French window using kitchen frame

French windows are the special type of window found in almost every home. Though it looks excellent for show but maintaining them and cleaning them regularly is a tough task to go through. You can call the cleaning agencies for doing up the task for you, but it may be costly. You can also go for cleaning it by yourself. You will be surprised to know that you can clean the whole window using materials from your kitchen.

The frame of the window should be cleaned with vinegar or lemon so that you can remove the rust from your French window frame. The vinegar is a good anti rusting agent. The soft cloth in the kitchen can be used for cleaning the window pane nicely. By adding a bit of vinegar to the cloth will make your window pane clean. While cleaning the French window you should clean up every window pane it will make it look better. So clean the window using simple materials from kitchen.

PostHeaderIcon Simple yet effective tip to keep your kitchen counter tops good as new

Are you the one who likes your kitchen to shine bright and look slick? Well, then you better take care of the countertops as they are the heart of the kitchen and are the most busiest places of all. Read on to know how to keep those beautiful countertops clean and clear. The first and the basic rule are to clean the table regularly. By doing this, you’ll avoid any permanent marks being made. Make sure you do it before and after use, especially in the case of liquids as they have the disposition to react chemically with the countertop materials.

Keep it a habit to use washing-up liquids that are available at any supermarket these days. In case of shiny stainless steel countertops, do not use abrasive materials to clean them up as they might damage they shiny layer. Use citrus sprays to avoid cats from jumping onto your countertops.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to avoid kitchen hazards

Kitchen is both most pleasing and hazardous place in the whole house. While one cannot wait to taste the delicious dishes cooked over the stove, one can also get hurt if not careful while working in the kitchen. The presence of electrical appliances, sharp knives and forks, hot pots and pans, and presence of fire makes it a place where one must always be careful.

The basic tip that can help to avoid kitchen hazards is to keep the kitchen clean which means no spilled food or liquid. Apart from this when working with hot pots and pans or with boiling water, one must be careful. Wearing too loose clothes is never good when working around in the kitchen. Further, all knives and sharp things should be kept either in sheathes or in properly covered drawers. The electrical appliances must be used carefully and never to be touched with wet hands. Nonetheless, the enthusiastic, small children should never be left unsupervised in the kitchen.

PostHeaderIcon Vibrant kitchen sinks: Transform drudgery to rewarding experience

Kitchen is essentially a very important part of the house. When transforming the home décor is being considered, the kitchen cannot obviously be left out. A clean, sophisticated yet warm kitchen is an essential for all the houses. It is easy to choose the color scheme as per one preference and appliances and accessories as per the requirement and comfort; the sinks need not be boring. People can now step out of the concept of traditional sinks and think of new versions.

Sinks are now available in many colours and materials. While some still prefer stainless steel sinks because of its workability, others may prefer ceramic sinks or stone sinks. Further sinks are of different colours, sizes, patterns and even shapes. People can get their sinks custom made to fit their kitchen spaces at affordable prices. To further jazz up the cleaning area of the kitchen, usage of sink tiles and modern water faucets or taps are very common. These are available in various style and colours and add to the aesthetic factor of the kitchen.

PostHeaderIcon Planning to redecorate your kitchen, effective tips and tricks

Bored with the same old look of your kitchen? If you can go for new looks and makeovers, why can’t your kitchen? Give your kitchen a whole new look by incorporating some new innovative ideas.

Here are some useful tips. Start with the overall theme. If you are looking for an ethnic and classy look, choose warm shades of brown. Start with the walls. Choose wallpaper or tiles in shades of beige or light brown or even light chrome.

When it comes to the cabinets you can go for faux finishing, glazing and crackling after you are done repainting the old cabinets to make them look as good as new. Always put projective lamination on the walls near the stove oven and gas as they tend to get more damaged than the rest of the kitchen. Make sure there is proper ventilation as well. You can then complete the look by using interesting materials like marble, stone or stainless steel for your countertops.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep your kitchen chimney clean

Your kitchen chimney keeps your kitchen beautiful by sucking out the smells, odors and smokes from it. But as a result of suction, some unwanted substances get stuck up into the flue leading to serous damage. Thus proper steps must be taken to clean up the kitchen chimney.

The outer surface of the chimney must be cleaned daily with a soft rag soaked in a cleanser. In electric chimneys, it is best to replace its charcoal filter after every six months. The cleaning brushes should be according to the size of the chimney. They have flexible fiberglass rods. Thus you can clean any bend or corner of your chimney.

The double spiral brushes (with more bristles) are perfect for removing soot. Use the single wire one if you have slight dusting. Get a flat wire brush which is ideal for heavy jobs. A poly brush is fitted for metal chimneys, as they do not cause scratches inside the pipe. While cleaning the fans, it is recommended to call the professionals.