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PostHeaderIcon Assorted Persian rugs to make your floor come alive

A proper home décor makes a room more inviting and comfortable for both its dwellers and visitors. Rugs have an important place amongst all the things that can help in decorating the room. The huge variety in colours, textures, quality and its durability makes it one of its kinds. Rugs can be made up of various materials namely wool, cotton, plant fibres, silk, acrylic and olefin.

Among the numerous varieties of rugs available in the market, Persian rugs stand out. They have been in use since ancient times and the kind of appeal they have on the home décor is unmatched. They have more intrinsic designs and each of them have a different story to tell. The designs and makes reflect artistry of its manufacturers and represent traditions. There are different kinds of Persian rugs available in the market such as Qum, Nain, Tabriz, Baluch, Caucasian, Kashan, Hereke, and many more. Each has a typical specialty and come from a different province. Whenever selecting a rug, look for its colours, and patterns that would increase the home glamour and also consider its maintenance.

PostHeaderIcon Rugs, a fabulous way to add a homely touch to your décor

Are you very finicky about your home décor? Do you feel that there is something that is missing from the décor of your home? In case you do, then you can complete the look in your room with a rug. Rugs are generally overlooked by most as something which is not a very important addition to a room. However rugs are a great way to complete the décor of the whole room together.

Rugs stand out from carpets in the sense that these are much easier to manage. Carpets are generally much heavier and not very easy to manage. As far as rugs are concerned, they are much lighter than the carpets and therefore easier to be managed as well. Moreover rugs have an added advantage over carpets. These are more often than not relatively less expensive than the carpets. This makes it easier to add rugs to your rooms. Rugs are a great addition to bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms or living rooms.

PostHeaderIcon Ways to clean an expensive carpet

Do you possess expensive oriental carpets and rugs in your house? Well, these are valuable assets and should be maintained properly so they last for years. Here are some tips to clean your expensive carpet.

Regular vacuum cleaning is a must. If you have accessories over them, lift them up for effective cleaning. When you see spots on your carpet, rub it off as soon as possible. Do not be harsh, as it may ruin the surface. Do not delay if you see stains on them. Place a thick cloth on the mark with something heavy on it. The cloth will slowly absorb the stain. For the syrup and cola spillages, clean them immediately with plain water or water with vinegar added to it.

For the molds use lemon juice and salt or some non-chlorine bleach on the carpet. You can lay them out on your roof or balcony when it is sunny. Otherwise you can brush gently with a mixture of water (100 ml) and hydrogen peroxide (1 spoon).

PostHeaderIcon Rugs and carpets: sources of serenity and comfort

Carpet is a textile which covers your floors. They are a thick material generally woven. They are found in a variety of designs. Carpets define elegance in your house.

You should never be a miser while buying a carpet because purchase of a carpet is very different from purchase of clothes. Carpets are a one- time buy. They are generally durable and stain resistant. They last long and give your house a serene touch.

Rugs and carpets are found in numerous patterns and styles. They are a mixture of contemporary and traditional designs. They are found in various cuts and shapes. You can buy them according to your interiors. They are a very important part of your décor. Rugs are available by themes also: floral, animal print, tea and coffee, kids, striped, etc. you can find them in all sorts of materials – woolen, leather, bamboo, nylon, and many more.

PostHeaderIcon Persian rugs and carpets to add that extra touch of glamour

Want to jazz up you whole living room décor with a slight adjustment? If so, adding a Persian rug to its décor is a fantastic way of styling it all up. Not only are they fantastically stylish but also pretty durable, hence making them a really good bargain. Available in various patterns, shapes and colors, these carpets can enhance the appearance of any room.

 Now, a basic problem that arises while looking for the perfect rug for your room is that, you might not find the exact pattern or shape that you desire in the local stores. In such cases you can easily find a wide range of such rugs and carpets with online dealers. All you require to do is go online and look for reputed dealers dealing in such Persian carpets. The options are large and the payment methods are simple. Pick the one you love best and let your home be adorned in classic beauty in the form of Persian rugs.

PostHeaderIcon Using an Area Rug

Area rugs are especially helpful if you have a large room and you want to make it look fuller without investing in more furniture. You can spread an area rug before your bed if you have a very large bedroom. These are available in various types differing in fabric material, colour, weave and make.

You can also use these in the living room and the drawing room centred among chairs or sofas. They are very effective in covering the space effectively if they are dark in colour as darker colours reflect very little light. They look best if they match with the colour of your furnishings or the overall colour of the room. It is always preferable to use shades darker than the colour of the room. You can also use area rugs for other purposes like covering the floor with a carpet. Rugs are more comfortable and are more pleasing to the eye than carpets. They are available in a variety of prices.