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PostHeaderIcon Tips to keep pet fur off your rugs

The pets are indeed lovely and beautiful creatures to have, but to clean their fur off the carpets or rugs or your clothes for that matter, can be a tough chore – especially when it becomes a daily thing. Here are some tips to get it off and also to avoid further scattering. You can use a scrubber made of rubber that when stroked, creates a static charge which can attract the fur off the places where even a powerful vacuum cleaner can’t reach.

Secondly, you can hand the rugs out in the sun for sometime after dusting it with a stick, or after vacuuming it. Otherwise, using a fabric softener before vacuuming can turn out be a smart ploy as the hair softens which loosens the fur’s grip making it fall out easily. Using a wet sponge to attract the fur is also possible, but requires patience.


PostHeaderIcon Benefits of going for metal twin beds

Bed frames made out of metal have been common since ages. However, in recent times, the trend of buying metal twin beds has increased. The benefits that can be derived from using metal twin beds are many which add to its popularity. In the times when money matters a lot and wooden furniture are expensive, using bed frames made up of metal is an intelligent decision. The metal beds are both affordable and durable.

They last for long years and are available at various sizes and designs. Hence the experience of using one need not be a boring from the décor point of view. Further, most homes are crunched for spaces. In such circumstances, having twin beds helps a lot in solving space problem. It can fit in most rooms and do not look bad when placed at the correct place. Thus metal twin beds are more of an economic space saving furniture that needs low maintenance and can last for a lifetime.

PostHeaderIcon Keep your cupboards well organized and clutter free

De-cluttering the room or the house is important to ensure flow of positive energy. One of the basic steps of house cleaning is organizing the cupboards. While a clutter free cupboard is nice to look at, it also has other benefits. It helps to find things easily, and manage things properly giving a more satisfying feeling.

The person willing to organize the cupboard needs to understand the things that are to be kept in it. One needs to start from sorting all the things that the cupboard holds. Giving away the things that have not been used in recent times is a good idea. Then segregate the things and store them in small cabinets if possible. Make specific spaces for things. This makes managing the cupboard easier. Sorting things both from category and importance is essential. For example, keeping clothing items like ties, socks, handkerchiefs, t-shirts in separate designated places helps a lot. Similarly, keeping things that one requires more often in front helps.

PostHeaderIcon Manage space to give your room a spacious look

Most houses have the problem of lack of space. People want space that is big but cannot always have it. While it may not be possible to increase a space, it definitely can be decorated in such a way that it looks bigger. Some simple décor changes can make all the differences. The basic element that a clutter free room looks spacious is unavoidable. While a messy room with too many things looks smaller; an organized room with everything at its place looks larger.

Other things that can help are lighting, paint, furniture and mirrors. Having more natural light and installing proper artificial lighting can help a lot. If the room is small, choosing neutral or bright colours are preferred than the dark colours. Further painting one wall with a dark color gives the room a depth and makes it look bigger. Proper use of mirrors can help in enhancing the space of the room. And nonetheless, using space saving multi-purpose furniture is best when space available is less.

PostHeaderIcon Managing your closet area for maximum storage area

Most of us put off arranging your wardrobes and closets because it is an extremely tedious job. However you have to understand that arranging your closet is actually very important. Granted that it is a time consuming job but on the hindsight keeping your wardrobe organized can save a lot of time when you are in a hurry and need to find your clothes. Moreover, arranging your wardrobe properly will give you maximum storage area.
You should set aside half an hour every week to arrange your closet properly. You must have different shelves in the wardrobe for different items. You should make it a point to store your winter and summer clothes separately.
It is advisable to categorize your clothes according to their priorities and conditions. Never mix your casual attires with clothes that you bring out during special occasions. Washing and ironing your clothes before keeping them in the wardrobe saves a lot of space.

PostHeaderIcon Selecting table for your PC

You might be often facing trouble about selecting the right type of table for your PC. Well, if that’s the case, it’s time for you to move beyond such petty issues, as this article will guide you about how you should go about selecting the perfect PC table.

Always opt for a PC table manufacturer with a good reputation in the market. Even if the costing will be a tad bit more, it will ensure a longer warranty period and durable quality. Local products might be cheap, but no point compromising with the built of the table. If your room is quite spacious, you can choose the full size version of the table. Other offers sliding mouse and keyboard rack.

Certain PC tables also provide extra space that can be utilized as a study table as well. They are generally available in wood, like cherry wood, or steel, and are found in various designs, styles, color and type of finish.

PostHeaderIcon How to Make Your Room Look Larger

Bedrooms are often smaller than what they should be due to various reasons like space constraints, etc. You can make use of the following tips to enhance the sense of space in your bedroom and make it look bigger. Try and use light and bright colours, as they reflect more light.

After you pick up a shade for your walls, choose a lighter shade for the trims and the mouldings. This make the walls appear to be farther, lighter objects appear to be closer to the eye while the darker objects seem to be further back, making the room look larger than what it actually is. Play with mirrors as they virtually multiply the space.

Arrange your furniture at angles and keep it in scale with the size of the room. Pay attention to lighting as it can alter the look of a room in a major way if done properly.