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PostHeaderIcon Lending a charismatic touch to wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the easiest, convenient and affordable ways to transform the look of a room. It lifts up the room as per the expectation of the decorator. Wall papers of various patterns, designs and colours are available in shops. Some people also choose to download the patterns from the Internet and get the wall papers custom printed.

The important part of choosing a wall paper is that it should be attractive and gives the room a welcoming feel. While some may choose glossy finish others may not. Similarly many choose colorful patterns, yet others may choose neutral and solid colours to compliment their room and its accessories. Animated characters as wall papers are very common in children room. The idea or design of the wall paper entirely depends on the room that is to be covered. It definitely changes from room to room be it living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, study, or bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Eco-friendly wall paints for your house

Are you planning to paint your home? Well, the current trend is towards eco friendly painting materials. They come in various shades and are also beneficial for health.

The traditional paints emit some volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air which are harmful for the environment. These compounds lead to headaches, allergies, respiratory troubles and even cancer. Thus, an eco friendly paint is the one which emits few or no volatile organic compounds or VOCs in the air. It also must be free from acrylic softeners and oil. The eco friendly paints are more suitable for the interior walls than the exterior ones. It is because, in case of exterior walls, air can dilute the hazardous effects of the VOCs.

There are various brands which offer eco friendly paints. Some of them are BioShield Paint, Ecos Organic Paints, Earth Born Paints, Safecoat, YOLO Colorhouse, St. Astier Lime Paints. Be careful, and check the list of ingredients before buying the eco-friendly paints.

PostHeaderIcon Wallpapers for your garage

Modern homes come with limited space. Thus these days’ people tend to upgrade their garages to create a livable space. And along with the tiles and furnishings, wallpapers are also an important décor item for your garage.

Wallpapers can change the entire look of your garage. Wallpapers are found in various colors, themes and designs. Besides, wallpapers are found in different price rates. You can have excellent wallpaper very easily within your budget. Get wallpaper according to the purpose. If you are creating the space for children, opt for Disney, cartoon, animated or animal wallpapers. Otherwise there are wallpapers with flowers and beautiful sceneries. Just see that the color, theme and design go along easily with the other decorations of your garage.

Thus wallpapers are a better option than painting your garages. They are comparatively cheap, easy to attach and maintain. On the other hand, painting is a tedious, time consuming and expensive process. You also cannot remove it whenever you want it to.

PostHeaderIcon How To Prevent Wallpapers From Getting Dull

Wallpapers need to be taken good care otherwise they ought to become dull. Their becoming dull also makes your room dull, it affects the room décor. So this you just can’t allow at any cost, so a few basic care rules and you are saved from the nightmares of dull wallpaper. Wallpapers are made either of paper or of vinyl, in respective cases the rules of cleaning differs. In case of vinyl, it can be easily cleaned using a wet mob, even oil stains can be removed with a little soap and a wet mop.

But in the case of paper wallpapers it becomes difficult, since the surface is brittle; a dry mop is the only option. If your wallpaper already has some damaged parts, then take the necessary steps to repair it at the earliest. Follow these basic steps and we assure you really can prevent your wallpapers from getting dull.

PostHeaderIcon Wall papers for your garage

Decorating your garage with wall papers is an excellent idea but some people are not very keen on spending a lot on garage wallpapers. If you want to install wall papers in your garage, you can find some cheap wall papers for the purpose. Now the big question is how will you find cheap wall papers?

You can visit you local paint stores. You will find discontinued and cheap wallpapers there. As the store wants to get rid of old wallpapers they are sold at throwaway prices. You can get those for your garage. While purchasing cheap wall papers for your garage, you must visit your neighbourhood discount store. Discount stores boast of decent selections at low prices.

There are online auctions and sites that sell wallpapers at cheap prices too. Shopping for garage wallpapers can save you a lot of money. Go to garage sales to get your garage wallpapers. Garage sales give you the best option to bargain.

PostHeaderIcon Wallpapers for bathrooms

Most people have bathrooms that are dull and boring to look at. Now why would you really want to stick to something that has been done to death? In fact you can add real good designs and patterns to your bathroom. And the best way to add patterns to your rooms is by decorating your room with wallpaper. There are different types of wallpaper that you could choose from. How do you know which is the best wallpaper for your bathroom?

First of all it is important you get the right kind of wallpaper. While there is some wallpaper which absorb water and get spoilt, there are others which are water resistant. Obviously, when you are choosing the wallpaper for your bathroom get one that is water resistant and will not get spoilt because of over exposure to water. Another important point when choosing the wallpaper is to keep the design aspects in mind. Do not get wallpaper which does not go with the general decor of the room. Nothing that contrasts with the room should be added. Bathroom wallpapers are generally good when toned down. Using colors with shades of blue is a good idea

PostHeaderIcon Wallpaper: basic decorating guide

You can choose from all possible colours, designs and textures when it comes to picking a wallpaper. Wallpapers must be chosen very carefully. Keep in mind the size of your room, availability of natural light, and the ambience you want to create.

Light colours create a fresh, airy look and are suitable for smaller rooms. They are also preferable if the room does not get plenty of natural light. Darker shades can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, darker colours create a sense of intimacy and are suitable for bedrooms. They also reflect very little light and can be used for create a sense of tranquillity in study rooms, dining rooms, etc.

Cooler shades like pinks, purples, blues and greens can be used for making a place look less confining. Warm shades like reds, yellows and browns are perfect for kitchens and other such places like living rooms.