PostHeaderIcon Cleaning Carpets after a Disaster

Disasters are never welcome but once they happens it is our duty to undo there after effects. One of the most disastrous tings that can happen to any household is a stain or something to your favourite lobby carpet. Cleaning carpets after a disaster is the most tedious task as they are bulky and often made up of fine material that needs special care.

Vacuuming is the first option if you think your carpet is not much spoiled. It will take out the dust and dirt from your carpet and will make it little easy to clean it further. Shampooing is the next step that needs to be taken for intensive cleaning. It will cleanse heavily soiled carpets and make them a little more cleaner.

Wet cleaner is the main step you need to take to get our carpet out of the disaster condition. These machines are available on rent and are easy to use. It uses a jet of shampoo and cleanser to remove dirt from carpet and then a pressurized water jet is used to remove excess water from the carpet to make it look clean and bright again.

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