PostHeaderIcon Colors and patterns of room curtains to use in winter

Gone are the days for standard curtains in the bedroom or living room. It is essential to get curtains that properly protect the room from the strong sun as well as insulate the house. Such curtains are not as expensive as they are thought to be.

The insulated curtains are available in all possible color options you want. It is advisable to use curtains that match the décor of the room. Preferred colors are blue green or something on the lighter shade. Don’t go for too loud colors. As for the pattern, stripes are in fashion, you could also match the pattern with the furnishing.

The best advantage of insulated curtains is that they have an insulated lining at its back which is directly facing the window. While windows are closed, they appear like standard curtains and when open they insulate the room without the lining being show.

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