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The Native Americans from Great Plains popularized a conical tent traditionally made from animal skins or birch bark, it is known as Tepee. A Tepee is very durable and provides warmth and comfort during winters. Fifteen by 30 feet big Tepees are of good size and durable. Tepees less than this height can be very dangerous as it becomes difficult for them to keep free from smoke.

Ancient Americans used to design their tepees very skillfully and very accurately. Every design of theirs had a specific meaning. They don’t used to paint their Tepees. They were painted only during wars. These paintings were often portrayals of animal design and celestial bodies. Tepees were also decorated by using pendants and medallions which were colored. Tufts of buffalo, horse hair, blear claws, buckskin, etc were also used to decorate the Tepees. Many people also used to paint on their tepees their memories of war and hunting. Some would also paint their dream or quest.

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