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Kitchen sinks are quite an important part of the household. In fact this is one area of the house where maximum of the work is done. It is not just the area where most of the work is done. It also happens to be an area where most of the important work is done. It has been said that if you want to get an idea of the lifestyle of a person, check out the kitchen sink. And it is indeed true. This area does throw light on the family using the kitchen sink.

There are three ways the sink can be mounted in the kitchen leading to three major types of sink designs. The classics type is the top mounted installation where the sink is attached on top of the counter and the basin lies below it. The contemporary style is the under mount sink where the rim lies below the counter level. The third type is the apron sink where the front of the sink is exposed. This is ideal for large kitchens with a heavy bulk of work.

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