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pest controlThere are numerous diseases which affect the health and living patterns of individuals due to the harmful effects of pests. Being the carriers of germs and bacteria they are the primary reason for causing illness in your house and among the members. Some of the common house pests are mosquitoes, flies, spiders, lizards, cockroaches, bed bugs and many more. One of the easiest ways to keep pests away is to call pest control once a month for regular cleansing but there are other ways too by which prevention can be done.


These are a real nuisance. When trying to get rid of rats from old houses suspected of having rat infestation make sure to clean the place of every possible trace of food and water. The foundation of the house should be checked for holes and cracks and be filled with concrete, rubber or wood. The entire house should be equipped with rat poison and mouse traps and thus it will be cleaned of rats soon.


Keeping your houses dust free by regular dusting with dusters and vacuum cleaners is one of the most important ways for spider repulsion. Calling pest control may not be such a good option after all; they use hard chemicals which may prove to be very damaging in the future. There are spider traps available at natural medical stores too. As for chemical free traps which use peanut butter and other thing which attract the spiders and later traps them with the sticky glue.


Kitchens are usually the most affected as far as insects are concerned. Insecticides with chemical presence cannot be used in kitchens because most eatables are stacked here and it leads to the contamination of food. Special chemicals for such situations or insect elimination are available at drug stores.

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