PostHeaderIcon Door Bell: style, sound and elegance

Door bells say a lot about the people who live in a particular house. If you come to think of it you would realize how you can predict the kind of people who live in a particular house just by listening to the kind of doorbell that they use.

 The simple ting tong suggests that the people living in are quite simple yet no nonsensical type. In case you hear a deep gong you would immediately associate the sound with probably someone who lives in a large old fashioned house most probably the owner of which is a lawyer or a judge.

 For those whose door bell chimes are taken from one of the Beethoven symphony, you would know that their tastes swing towards the classical style. There are yet some who are creative and do not trying out something that is new and probably have a joker’s laughter. Whatever the door bell is, before you choose a chime it is bets you make up your mind, as this sound will reflect upon your style and elegance.

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