PostHeaderIcon Do’s and Don’ts when you are designing bathroom for your kids

Designing your kid’s bathroom can be a great way to give your home a facelift. Depending what age your kid is you can incorporate his interests and liking in the décor so that he feels comfortable in the bathroom. Take ideas from magazines like the home and garden magazines that give beautiful ideas for a gratifying bathroom design fir kids. Clip out images from the magazines you think would suit your kid’s bathroom and compare it with the finished product.

Also it is important to set a budget for the designing. Designing a bathroom can cause you a fortune if you do not spend wisely. Decide on what all you have to spend when setting the budget. Do involve your kid in the design process and take his inputs too in terms of color or theme. This will make him feel special and he will not crib later. Paint the wooden cabinets; get accessories to make the bathroom look attractive. Replace the flooring with a rug, when you are hanging objects in the wall keep your kid’s height in mind.

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