PostHeaderIcon Eco-friendly flooring for your home

Are you in favor of keeping your home green and eco friendly? If so, your flooring should not be an exception either. Of late lots of eco friendly alternatives are available in the market for you to install in your home.

Now, if you are looking for a cost effective alternative for your flooring which is equally eco friendly, then Linoleum tiles are a perfect pick. Not only they are fire, scratch and water resistant, but also they are quite affordable too.  They are anti bacterial too and hence a very good choice for rooms exposed to moisture such as bathrooms.

You can also go for glass ceramic tiles which are created out of recycled products such as glass jars and bottles. Bamboo as a flooring option is also a fine pick, as it not only is eco friendly but also quite in trend of late.  Pick as you desire, but always remember, a green choice is always a sensible choice.

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