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One can never have the slightest of idea of the various ways in which a house can be decorated and painted. A pro home painter can give a mesmerizing look to your house turning the patches into glossy wall paintings and repairing the your broken down roof and giving it a whole new look.

There are several painting techniques that are being followed by the professional painters. One of the prime ideas is faux painting that has some realistic image from the real life painted all across the wall giving it a life like look. Again, accent wall painting is another fun painting technique where different sides of the walls are painted with different colors, which are vibrant and bold and are not normally used while painting a house.

Some painters who are quite bold and straightforward with their approach to painting go for designing textures and patterns on walls along with normal painting with colors. These texture and patterns add some extra beauty to the over all painting. Any professional painter can do the task for an extra payment of around $40 to $50. These are some of the best known fun painting techniques available.

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