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Tips for bedroom decor, bedroomPlanning to give a makeover to your bedroom? Well, then you can go for the Greco-Roman decor and create an absolutely beautiful bedroom. The Greco-Roman decor lends a majestic look to the room. People who love ancient culture and architecture will really love this kind of decor. Right from the furniture and bed to the lighting fixtures, everything will reflect style and sophistication in this kind of interior decor.

Greco-Roman decor is synonymous with thick textured fabrics that are lush and stylish. Cranberry, green and other dark shades create a very romantic atmosphere in the room. Velvets, satin and brocade are the preferred fabrics for the bedroom. Metal and furniture of dark wood is a trademark of this style of decor. Candle holders of metal placed on the small side table near bed or dressing table will complete the look of the bedroom in total Greco-Roman style. Paintings and ancient wall hangings can be used to add the extra beauty to the bedroom

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