PostHeaderIcon How to Add a Dormer

A dormer is basically a window that is vertically set in gable jutting out from a roof that is sloping. some of the tools that you will need include ladders, hammers, nails, caulking, lumber, window assembly, shingles, siding, insulation, saw, level, plump, safety glasses. You should have some carpentry skill when building a dormer. Ensure that you abide in the cities building code. Find out where you want to place the dormer. Take out the shingles from the roof where you are putting the dormer.

Cut the studs using a miter saw. You should then construct the window frame and fit the window. You should then cut the sidewalls and frames. Put the sides together and when the dormer is in place add the wall studs. Attach the bottom frame to the roof. When you are through with the frame cut the holes and mark the corners for the ceiling cut. Use 15 -pound roofing paper and pit shingles.

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