PostHeaderIcon How to build safe staircases

One of the most important parts of the home is the staircases. This is one part of the house that is used quite irrespective of whether you are living in a flat or a Villa type house. Only the lucky few people who live in a one storeyed house would be the ones who do not need to use the stairways on a frequent basis. However these stairways are quite a risky affair if not constructed properly. In fact if you have children or the elderly in your home then you would have to be doubly careful. You need to make the stairway in such a way that they are safe. How do you do that? There are many ways to ensure the safety of the stairs. Let us look through these and find out what are they?

The most important point to be considered is the height of each step. The height should be such that it does not hurt the ankles or put much pressure on them. They neither should be too high nor too low. Another point that you should consider is the railing. These are meant to support so, make sure they are constructed keeping this function in mind. Live safely.

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