PostHeaderIcon How to clean patio furniture

You must have decked up your patio with attractive furniture.Below are given some tips to clean them.

Firstly, you would need a bucket of warm water with 3Tbsp. of a mild dishwasher dissolved in it, a sponge and a dry cloth. If you have aluminum furniture, soak the cloth in soapy water solution. Then start rubbing gently on them. Focus on the stains. Then rinse the cloth and furniture with plain water. Now, use a soft dry cloth to dry the furniture. Otherwise you can also rub some car wax on the aluminum with a soft rag and buff it off after drying. In case of the plastic ones, do the exact process with a sponge. Keep it for fifteen minutes and then rinse off well.

Be careful, do not use corrosive liquids or harsh brushes, it will ruin the surface of the furniture. You can polish the aluminum ones with a baby oil every month to bring back the lost luster. If possible keep the furniture covered.

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