PostHeaderIcon How to decorate the walls of your kids’ room

Kids, especially pre-teens are very strange about their room decorations. What will you do if your 10 year old decided to live in an all black room? How can you make him understand without hurting him? Here are some temporary ideas using which you can satisfy your kids’ needs without hurting them.

Let your kids hang their own art works on the walls. That will satisfy them more than you can ever do. That will give them a feel of uniqueness when they enter their room. You can get crepe paper from stores and cover them over your wallpapers. You can let your child paint the crepe paper and they will never know that it’s just paper and not the actual wall.

Pre-teens are addicted to posters. They will stick posters all over the wall and decorate their room. But just make sure that they are using tapes and not adhesives while pasting.

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