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Decorating your houseEach and every person has some or the other thought or idea of decorating your house. Whether, it is a new house or your old house after renovation, all have some or the other fantasies as to decorating your house. While decorating your house, you are having the opportunity to transform your space the way you want it. It depends upon your choice and preferences as to how you want your home to look and decorate your house that way. Some might have decent and sober choice while some might have funky choice thus it all depends upon choice and personality when it comes to decorating your house. Decorating your house will add up some new charm and coziness to your house and your space will be lively and active. If you want the best results out of decorating your house, then you can try changing the big details of your home along with changing the small and minute details. Here are some of the ways of decorating your house.

  • Make use of Creative lighting

You must have generic shades and covers of lighting but this does not give any creative effect to your house. Such generic things lack personality and interest. You need to create a new mix of lighting and install it in your house. Purchase new and trendy lighting options and create a nice blend of colorful and decorative lighting in your home. Hunt for such items which match up with the general style of the room and can also work as primary source of light. But make sure that such items are not too much bold. You can install small and interesting lamps throughout your home for adding a flick of flare to your style. Using creative lighting is one of the best ways of decorating your house. If you are such a person who is interested in doing DIY things and that too in creative manner then you can try purchasing old lamps from any of the thrift store and then renovate it by spray paint and give it a total new and fresh look.

  • If you are making use of multiple lighting in one room ,then try to differentiate the sizes and shapes or the color of the such lighting unless and until it is not the whole set. This will show more creativity while decorating your house.
  • Don’t be afraid of being experimental while using several lights even if the room is small or area is also small.
  • Hang new curtains

Curtains are one of such tools which are most unused while decorating your house. But this underestimated item for decorating your house can add much beauty to your room and can transform the look. By using little bit carpentry work you can install curtain rod in your room and then install curtains which suits with your furniture and beatify your room. Try to search for such curtains which have lots of color and pattern which can light up your room and make your room more bright and lively. If you want your space dark then try installing dark colored curtains and on a contrary if you want your space to look bright and cheerful try to install light colored curtains through which light can pass and make your space look bright. Thus decorating your house with different form of curtain is a great way to make it beautiful.

  • Add matching rugs

The basic objective of installing rug in your house is dual one objective is to cover the dirty or unattractive flooring and another objective is to add some pattern and interest to your simple and boring flooring. But having rugs for fulfilling any of the objective is one of the nice ways to decorate your house. Use rugs for filling up empty spaces in your house, it might be possible that your house lacks furniture so in this these case rugs are the best way to make your house look full of furniture even if it is little bare and empty. Make sure to hunt for such rugs which blend in with your furniture, décor or your flooring otherwise it can look odd. Rugs are such things for decorating your house which can be nearly in any room including your bathroom and kitchen thus you can take many at same time. If you want cheaper option for decorating your house then you can purchase whole carpet and make rugs from it on your own.

  • Add up some of the floating shelves

One of the clever and useful ways of decorating your house is to have floating shelves in your house. Floating shelves are those which are attached directly to your wall and are in small rows. You can create your house by adding photos and hang prints around these floating shelves. These types of shelves are best for adding up small and tiny decorative items to your house like flowers, vases, bottles and such unique and antiques which you have collected from your travel. You can also add up other things which suits and match up with your interior décor. These shelves are also a great way to flaunt your art and pictures without having to make holes on your wall. Thus floating shelves are very useful idea of decorating your house along having storage facility.

  • Add up memories and photos

If you want your house to look appealing and add touch of your personality then you could hang your photos and memories on your wall. You can create one such wall which showcases all your memories at your travel any birthday or any other occasion. You will love seeing your home filled with all your memories and also people visiting your house will also get a glance of your life and beautiful memories. You house can depict you as a person with such pictures hanging on your wall. You can place your painting or any of your valuable art work in such wall.

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