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Privacy fenceFence is not just for the sake of adding beauty to your property; fence allows you to have privacy and even safety. While you are searching for fence, you get plenty of options in wide range. You can get options of fence in every type of budget and every type of aesthetic taste. Here is a small and useful guide as to how to install your privacy fence.

  • Check neighborhood rules

Before you install a privacy fence, it is important to check out whether you are allowed to install a privacy fence at all. Installing a privacy fence in an unapproved way can make you uninstall the whole thing down and also pay fine on addition. Thus before installing a privacy fence, it is advisable to check out the local neighborhood rules and also the home owners association rules about installation a privacy fence.

  • Check city codes

Cities also have their own rules about installing a privacy fence, thus you need to check them before you install a privacy fence. There are several cities which needs permit to install a privacy fence of any height, while there are some cities which need to get permission for installing a privacy fence only above certain height. Check out whether you require permit or if there is any other restrictions on your fenced installation.

  • Obtain a permit

If you get to know that you require a permit then have a permit before you install a privacy fence. Obtaining this permit can cost you bit of money and then it can be availed from planning department or local city hall.

  • Choose your material

It is really essential to determine which kind of material you want for your fence. There are various types of materials for installing a privacy fence; all of them come with different pros and cons. While choosing the material for installing a privacy fence, you also have to keep your focus on how much time you will be able to spend on the upkeep and also how much time you will be spending to build up the fence and also pay focus on how long the fence has to be remained on its position.

  • Wood fence: Wood fence is one of the most common among all types of fencing. Durability of wood fencing is between 5 years to 20 years depending upon the type of wood you used to install a privacy fence. Wood fence is relatively inexpensive but yes you might find difficulty in cleaning them. You can paint them after certain period to make it look new again.
  • Vinyl fence: As compared to wood fences, vinyl fence will last for much longer period of time. It can last up to your lifetime if qualitative vinyl is used. There is variety of colors available in them and fading is not usually an issue and cleaning them is also quite easy and painting them will solve every issue if you face any.
  • Brick fence: Brick fence is an option when you don’t like the look of wood or fence. If you want to install a privacy fence with sturdy look then you can go for brick fence. You can either use actual brick while installing a privacy fence or you can also use block. Brick fence will last for a longer period of time as compared to wood fence.
  • Growing or green fence: Green fences will be a great material for installing a privacy fence in your city if it has issues of permits or on a either case permits are very costly. This can be an advisable option if you are willing to look at more greenery instead of looking at fence.
  • Find the location of post

Try to use string which is tied to stakes and after that decide the perimeter of the fence and after that mark the location of the corner along with measuring and marking the location of the intermediate post. The distance between each post is your own choice but the normal spacing which is suggested is about 8 feet from center to center. Mark each and every location with stake holes and spray paint.

  • Dig post holes

Take a post holder and dig holes which should be at least ¼ or 1/3 of the height of the fence you want. Don’t forget to follow the rules given in the permit as there are many cities which have rules regarding the depth of the hole. These while installing a privacy fence, take this thing into account. While installing a privacy fence, and especially while digging a hole make sure you don’t hit a water main. You can either use a manual digger or you can also use a motorized auger. Both of these things can be rented from the local hardware store nearby.

  • Place gravel

After you are done with digging the holes, for installing a privacy fence, you will have to put some few inches of gravel in the bottom of the hole. This will provide drainage and make sure that the posts do not rot. After placing gravel, you must place the posts. You should use 4/4 posts at your preferred height and place them one by one at a time. You might need a helping hand for this task.

  • Pour in quick set concrete

Before you set the concrete for installing a privacy fence, you must make use of a post level to make sure that the post is properly plumb also verify the height twice to make sure that it is exactly what you want. Pour in some of the concrete and mix with right amount of water as suggested by the manufacturer’s instructions and carry on to use the level which makes sure that it will stay straight. Another alternative is that you should mix the quick set concrete in one bucket or the wheelbarrow and then pour this. Make sure you continue to use the string to make sure that the post is in line with each other.




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