PostHeaderIcon How to keep you metal garage doors smooth as new

Your garage door must be very durable and metals are the best choice for them. But it is also essential to maintain the doors to prevent them from looking ugly and distorted.
You can paint the door when it loses its shine and color. You can use a paint scraper to find out the worst affected areas. Now, remove the paint that is about to come off, but don’t use force.

You can use the sand paper to rub the door. This will bring back the feel of the metallic texture. Now sponge your door thoroughly with some warm water and soap to remove bits of sand, dust or paint. The door has to be completely clean and then only you can start the painting work.

Next you have to dry the door. You can use a dry scrap of cloth for this. Now paint using a mixture of oil and latex based paints. This will prevent the door from cracking and rusting and keep make them look attractive and new.

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