PostHeaderIcon How to make DIY shelves

DIY stands for decorate it yourself shelves. It means that this job calls for using your creative streak and innovations to design a shelf for your home use. Making shelves at home is a very easy task you can undertake if you know the exact material and tools to be used.

Take measurements of the room where you want to install this shelf and decide about the size of shelf you want to make. As per our space, get wall brackets and buy some anchors to support shelf brackets. Install shelf standards at pre decided places on the wall. Fasten them with studs so that screws do not get out of wall due to exertion.

Standards should provide firm support to shelves. Now attach the shelf standards to provide base and place shelf boards on brackets carefully. These types of shelves are easy to design and are cost efficient too. They help you to manage our home space effectively.

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